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    Hritik, Ritika,

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Prismatic Emotions

by: Hritik, Ritika,
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    “No matter how much you may dig in deep to never come back again, always remember, inside the Earth’s core also, there is Existence.” Divided into three sections, Prismatic Emotions is a book filled with a variety of feelings felt by our scarlet. As diverse as their own state Delhi and country, India itself and as colorful as their own unique bond as friends, the authors, Hritik Vats and Ritika, have instilled their life in this book. As monotonous as our daily routines, and as complicated as our being, the book possesses human heart as its most basic theme. “We are all different and so we are alike!” –Twin Writers. Thus, the book is made for all those who have the heart of red and journey of its’ beats. It will take you on a journey from one’s heart and deeds to splashing all of it on the blank page. “Blank page is like a blank innocent mind of a newborn baby. An artist blots and stains it with his or her understanding; heart and mind.” – Hritik Vats Singing, capturing and shading each and every drop of ink with red light; passing it through a prism of heart, the colours segregate into various emotions—Prismatic Emotions defies all the logic yet captures the truth and facts of life.

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ISBN: "978-93-87923-27-0"
SKU: 1673
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 250

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