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    Swathi V Bhat

ISBN: 9789353470708
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Reach Out to Minds

by: Swathi V Bhat


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    Reach out to Minds isn’t a book that I set out to write. My ideas and perceiving the person, places, and events multiplied as I set on writing the poems one after the other. This pursuit gave me strong inspiration for analyzing the things better to meet creative head in me. The poems relate to the normal juggles in the minds where people forget the exact essence of life. The new direction of making one’s own self-awakened to the thoughts requires the at most maturity in the person.  The book which can be referred to as the notes from the life enhances the visualization of the minute, sensitive yet sensible things that occur around us. Every poem is unique, each representing a particular scenario and perspectives. The personifications, depicting the things out of a scenario, comparisons that I can bring in is something that makes me involved in writing. The book includes both rhymed and unrhymed poems as well. This book feels more special not just because it’s my first one, also it holds my two most liked activities that I do frequently i.e. poetry and drawing. The illustrations that are used in this book are designed by me which gains me more pleasure. I take this as a great opportunity to reach you all with my book that feels really special! You can reach the author at: swathivbhat13@gmail.com +91 9113278284

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ISBN: 9789353470708
SKU: 2326
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 154

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