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    Dr. Sarika Jain

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SHE- A Message for those who Belittle Girls!

by: Dr. Sarika Jain
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    “SHE’ is a voice that says – “Stop Hurting Me Every Day.” SHE is not about blaming a gender or a race for the condition of women but to introspect and analyze as a society – where have we failed. SHE is a story of ordinary girls and women who stood strong despite facing the biggest challenges and fought for their rights. She consists of ample examples of women and girls icons who have achieved their goals in various fields and professions.

    SHE discusses the problems that the females confront worldwide; taking a glance on the possible solutions of exemplary inspirations with some inspirational examples and stories; by appreciating males and society that openly support the ambitions, dreams, and aspirations of girls and women, because a woman business leader, a woman athlete, a woman soldier, or a woman prime minister cannot be produced in a country or society that doesn’t support women empowerment.

    All the chapters in this book tell many stories of brave and powerful women and girls, who are not just “survivors,”” but “”winners,” champions,” and “achievers,” they are an inspiration to all girls and women, who restore our faith in woman and girl power; because feminism is not about hating men and bashing society for the plight of women, but it is all about EQUALITY, RESPECT, and breaking the PATRIARCHY!”

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ISBN: 9789353471040
SKU: 2185
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 257

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Dr. Sarika Jain recently completed her Ph.D. in management. She also writes poems sometimes. She aspired to become an author and “SHE” is her first book, which talks about feminism in India. She loves reading, teaching, and spending time with her family and friends. When not indulging in any of the above, she finds time to write.

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