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    K. Alamgeer

ISBN: 9789389763836
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The Mount Sinai

by: K. Alamgeer
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    The pyramids are among the most remarkable technical achievements of human civilization. Ever since they were built by Pharaoh, the god-king of Ancient Egypt, they have been source of wonder & amazement themselves-points to civilization of extraordinary richness and complexity.

    “The Mount Sinai”a fiction of historical background, based on facts,presents the fascinating scieneof series of events that occurred between thegreat PharaohRamasses-II– ;ruler of two states, the builder of their most striking monuments,a great Ancient city Ramasses, royal tombs in the valley of the kings;and a greatestProphet of that time named,Moses.

    Along with all these, this fiction of historical background by the author has exposed to readers the evidences discovered by the archaeologists, how Pharaoh ruled, which god-kings were the centres, the vast building programmes, of which the pyramids were the part, extensive construction projects through esoteric techniques using millions of enslaved Israelites. And the practices of mummification and how were the dead bodies of the royal family preserved inside pyramids, and what were their beliefs behind it.

    Do they still contain treasure in chambers as yet to be discovered? Are their orientation &perportion keys to mysteries as yet only dimly percrived? And is there any convincing evidence for the widely held belief that a cures lies on those who entre these premesis.

    Pharaoh became so powerful at this time on basis of own divine powers, the huge army of Anubis (Humans with faces of the dreaded Black Jackals) and the powerful KingAhmos’ celestial army, hedeclayredhim selfamong Egyptians “ I am your only God”. During his reign Egypt reach the heights of its power & prosperity. Then he boasted &again he boasted and turned aside from a pretext that had been passed on to him by agreatest prophet and turned his back, and became one of the losers foreverin both the world and was marked as example for the commingcivilazations.

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ISBN: 9789389763836
SKU: 3235
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 194

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
The author book “The Mount Sinai” Mr. K. Alamgeer was born in U.P. in a middle class peasant family. Currently working as a machine design engineer in the Indian automotive sector. A company that designs, manufactures & install advance material handling & automation in assembly lines and manufacturing facilities.Along with this, used to writes science fiction.

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