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    Dr. Shikha Chandel

ISBN: 9789353475079
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by: Dr. Shikha Chandel
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    ‘The Sublime Truth’ is a collection of poems portraying self-realization, healing, immortality and the ultimate goal of salvation. Every poem in it is a reflection of my encounters with self, truth and attaining spirituality. The innate capacity of us as humans to exercise introspection and the thirst to learn about our ultimate purpose and essence are highlighted in them. Interestingly, in this quest to seek thy purpose, as a woman, I also try to reflect her relationship with her soul mate, friends, and family. From day to day experiences to soul searching endeavors, the decisions she makes, the vows she tries to fulfill, the upheavals she faces, the sacrifices she makes, the fate she accepts, these poems celebrate the strong character of a woman. These poems are what I feel, what inspires me, how I overcame the loss of my greatest strength, my mom. They rotate around the outrageous courage to accept hatred and still not lose faith in your dreams. They are not just only poems; they are the thoughts of my subconscious soul woven into words, aged over decades, enlightened by the beautiful wisdom of my mom. They embark my journey of seeking truth, enchantment, and awareness.

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ISBN: 9789353475079
SKU: 2881
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 64

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Shikha Chandel is a poet, writer and debut author of the book ‘The Sublime Truth’. With a professional qualification of a Doctoral degree (Botany), Shikha has always found solace in expressing through poems. Shikha knew in the core of her heart, that she loved being a mother and a wife, but she also felt that life held a deeper meaning. She believes that poetry holds no restraints and it gives her freedom to question and express life as it comes. ‘The Sublime Truth’ is a collection of poems relatable to anyone on a journey of self-realization and healing.

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