I Will Wait….. Till…..

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Arav, a hardcore romantic, small town guy, falls for Pakhi, a girl next door, his classmate and childhood friend. He loved her more than anything else. She reciprocated and they both fell in love. They created the world full of love, care, trust, commitment, passion, memories. But little did they know that they are following a path which is against the rule of this patriarchal society. But they were lost in their own small world, they decided to cross every hurdle to be together. Arav was firm on his decision but Pakhi was fragile, vulnerable. How far would they go against this society, how long Arav has to wait to be with Pakhi, for the rest of his life? Will Arav be able to cross the hurdles created by this world? Will Pakhi stand her ground for the love of her life? Will they succumb to the suffocating and regressive dogmas of our society? Will they reach their destination, i.e. Marriage, or they’re going to part ways just because they dared to love against the invisible dignity of communities. Read and experience the journey of friendship, love, betrayal, heartbreak. A love story of a Doctor, and an Engineer.

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  • Author: Dr. Chanakya Saini
  • Paperback: 285 pages
  • Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers; 1st edition (6 August 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-93-86673-18-3
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