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    Sudipto Halder

ISBN: 9789354085321


by: Sudipto Halder


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    Abhineet is not a traditional detective character, nor is he a cop. Although other detective characters are his inspirations; unlike them, he is calm, affectionate, and forgiving. He is an ordinary boy who is also flowing in the constant flow of life, like all of us. However, the situation and time brought an opportunity in front of him, to try what he cherishes; using his knowledge. He ‘bought’ the opportunity. What happened then? What did he learn? Was his project successful? Who was with him? And in the end, did our ordinary Abhi Da could become extraordinary? to know this, you have to read ‘Abhineeter Arambha’.‘Abhineeter Arambha’ is my first Bengali presentation in the ‘Abhineeter Adventure somuho’ series. English is coming soon, and for you guys, I have left a clue in this story, for my next story. See if you can find that clue. Get connected on social media.

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ISBN: 9789354085321
SKU: WB-4740
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 66

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Interested in writing since childhood, Sudipto Halder is currently a Masters student. Although he was interested in poetry as a child, his love for stories began in the Bengali periods of school. By the time he was at college he had started writing his first novel. This is his first publication. Despite being an English medium student, his love and attraction for his mother tongue Bengali has brought him here today. His goal is to eradicate the misconception; that the English medium students don't know Bengali. The one who has tasted the Bengali language knows how intoxicating it is and what the sweetness it holds. Hold on to Bengali, and enrich this language even more. জয় বাংলা।

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