Longer than Forever by Alice Sharma
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Born and brought up in Delhi, Alice Sharma is an author of two novels, a social influencer, and a blogger.

Alice made a splash in the literary world with the publication of her first non fictional e-book novel titled, ‘The Last Board Exam’, published in April, 2017. Within a span of 7 months, the Author has come up with a cliché, fictional dark love story.

The author made a splash into the literary world with writing short stories and proses online. After being an amateur writer for a year and after having written numerous poems and short stories, published by various renowned social media pages, under her name. The author stepped up and founded her blog on Instagram, known as “@wandering_quotes_”

Alice says, “Writing for me has always been an escape from the terrifying realities, from the eternal chaos around. I never intended to be an author. Now, that I have come a long way, which still has an infinity ahead of it, there are times when I look back and feel elated about the evolution that I have gone through, not just as an author but as a human.”

thahe atrocious sins and of the ates and darkness lies within this page.An amateur writer has evolved as an established author, and a major part of her evolution from a scribbling wanderer to having a book under her name, lies to this page. The page carries all shades of life, from coruscates to darkness.

Longer than Forever, is a fictional dark love story that falls under Thriller- Romance genre. It is a story of eternal regrets, of sheer surrenders, of the atrocious sins and of the eternal blunders. While they talk about coruscates of love and the serene promises of it, the author portrays the dark and yet serene side of it.

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