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    Dr. K.C. Vijayakumaran Nair

ISBN: "978-93-87996-64-9"
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Beyond the Human Eye

by: Dr. K.C. Vijayakumaran Nair


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    Markandeyan in his early twenties is stunned to hear from an uncanny old man that his parents are not his biological parents. He holds it from Jagannathan and Bhasurangi, his parents, for some time. Meanwhile, his health deteriorates. His parents seek the help of a sorcerer, who performs black magic to rid him of the evil spirit that has been supposedly plaguing him.

    He sets off on a mission to meet with a famous mystic in a faraway city. He has to wait for a year to get an audience. Meanwhile, he takes up a teaching job in a school, where he becomes the cynosure of attention of all the women teachers, some of them bewitchingly beautiful. However, he has already seen a girl on the internet and wants to marry none else. Can he escape unscathed? Does the mystic solve the mystery of his birth? Does Markandeyan marry the girl of his dreams? Read on…

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ISBN: "978-93-87996-64-9"
SKU: 1852
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2018
Page Count: 310

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“Beyond the Human Eye”

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