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    Dharmo Ki Sadhna Samanta Aur Vigyan - Blue Rose Publishers

    Dr. Ajit Deshmukh

ISBN: 9789353472696

Dharmo Ki Sadhna, Samanta Aur Vigyan

by: Dr. Ajit Deshmukh
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    In the world there are many religions, and nearly 600 crore people follow some sadhana. If you observe anybody doing that, from the beginning there are some postures like washing hands and feet, taking bath, worshiping with hands, further while doing pooja, prayer/ibadat, they do some postures/mudras involving the legs, hand and rest of the body, and there’s a connection between body movements, postures & bef. I have given some postures from Hinduism, Islam, Sikihism, Christianity, Jainism and Buddhism, their routine sadhana at home or at holy places and linked them to BEF & their effects up to the last stage. Many say “sab ka malik ek” but you will find out how in this book, on the basis of experience. In this book also you will understand faith & blind faith.

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ISBN: 9789353472696
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 85

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Author is a PhD in Mathematics in science faculty. He started the experience of Bio Energy Flow (BEF - it refers to breath flow entered in the body) since 1994

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