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    The story is truly a great example of a journey called ‘Life’. It features a strong girl who faces so many ups and downs in life. She faces abuse, betrayal, soul-destruction and immense hate in life. She falls but then rises again. It’s proof of how a strong will-power can free you from that unbreakable cage of drug addiction. She conquers and fights all odds on her own and achieves her dream. She also falls in love but destiny has some other plans for her. In the end, she loses all hope in life but decides to live it for others and dedicate it to needy children who have always loved and respected her.

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    The book is work of extensive research on the subject of Nudge and its use by us in marketing knowingly or unknowingly. The book highlights how Nudges act as supper tools when all marketing efforts fails. How it has been used by governments, like President Barack Obama in USA and Sir David Cameroon in U.K over the years since 2008, governments like ours in India of Shri Narendra Modi have started a Nudge team in P.M.O office for government policy implementation in public. The uses of Nudge has been growing in all fields of life, the book addresses how we use Nudge in marketing and Industry.

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    In India, every year, hundreds of people are killed and seriously injured due to tragic fire accidents. Hundreds of crores’ worth of property is destroyed every year. Several fire-fighting personnel have also lost their lives to save the lives and property of others during tragic fires. As per a report, 2.16 lakh deaths were caused by fire accidents between 2006 and 2015 in India, in which nearly 64% of the victims were women. On an average, more than 20,000 deaths occur every year due to fire accidents. In theory, we accept that safety should be given first priority, but unfortunately, in reality, fire safety gets the last preference. Fire is absolutely unpredictable. We should not fool ourselves by assuming that a fire will never take place in our homes or housing complex. Fire can happen anywhere, at any time. We should accept the fact that only proper awareness and preventive measures can eliminate or reduce fire-related deaths, injuries and property loss. Given the importance of fire safety, an attempt has been made to prepare a structured, simple and basic reference guide to fire safety for homes and flats. Best efforts have been put in to make this guide book as simple as possible, without compromising on the basic details of fire safety, based on the latest materials available. The author sincerely believe that this book will be very useful as a basic reference document or guide for improving awareness, taking preventive measures and making proper plans to respond to any fire emergencies at homes, flats, and housing complexes. If proper precautions are not taken, you and your family members may have to pay a heavy price at any time. An earnest request: Be prepared, Stay safe.

    Firewall by: ANUP KUMAR MANDAL 249.00
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    Ocean and Emotions with imagination and dreams is a passionate journey of various emotions, experiences of human life.The words of poetries definitely touch your heart . The ocean of emotions with imaginations and dreams is a book with the collection of 200 awesome master pieces of poetries written by Sonam Gupta ,the founder and sole writer which is present at your favourite facebook and Instagram page also. Ocean and emotions with imagination and dreams have so many followers now in just few four months .As the love of my readers towards my poetry page I decided to reach this to all my readers in the form of my first book.The book make feel you the beauty of emotions and relations in simple words with deep meaning.So Get ready to smile, cry ,laugh ,blush and imagine conditions of your life with these beautiful poetries.

    You can like my facebook page by typing Oceanofemotions27 on google.All poetries are solely written by me on different topics.This book is also my beautiful dream.Its a beautiful Art of writing work and thoughts will definitely touch your heart.

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    Oushadhasarvaswam is first of its kind on modern medicine written in simple Malayalam language. The book contains patient oriented drug information on more than 6000 medicines which are meticulously classified and properly indexed for easy use. It includes most novel medicines approved by DCGI, FDA, EMA and various other countries. More than two thousand medicinal plants are also described here.

    Up to date scientific drug information will be helpful for Medical, Pharmacy, Nursing, paramedical professionals and students for routine use and also as a reference book. The easy language format allows even people unrelated to medical profession to gather comprehensive information on questions related to medicines.

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    Hymns of Rama presents before us the entire life history of Lord Ram in a beautiful and poetic format. The book makes it easy to imbibe, the lyrical journey of Shri Ram. Hindu mythology has evolved over a period of a few thousand years; largely in the form of treatises based on the lives of the reincarnations of various astral gods. Of the many treatises on Ram, Tulsidas’ Ramayan is one of the most prevalent and commonly referred ones. This book attempts to loosely translate the very famous Geet Ramayan written by Shri Madugulkar in Marathi. Shri Ram is the embodiment of righteousness of behaviour. Being the seventh reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, his life enfolds situations which lead him to be the destroyer of the demon Ravana. In essence, it’s a victory of good over evil. In the absence of role models, it is obvious that the society regresses and eventually reaches a point of no return. Hence, it is important to remember our path and value our heroes. Shri Ram’s life is a rich tapestry of sorrows and joys; of duties and responsibilities. In today’s highly mechanised world; with relationships at stake for very superficial reasons, Shri Ram’s life stands out as a guiding star. Lessons from these verses are very relevant even today. It is said that each one of us has a Ram and a Ravan within us. It is for us to nurture the positive thought and live in peace and harmony. Hymns of Rama is a gift for all those who wish to enjoy the saga of Ramayan.

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    The Limit of Truth is the first venture of Justroy which brings to light the hidden episodes of a large family that witnessed four tragic deaths owing to the unguarded and unresolved normal problems and the usual tittle-tattle that long prevailed in the family. It is a family thriller which holds the curiosity of the readers intact till the very end. The author, through this novel, accentuates on the need to read the premonition of a tragedy in order to funk it. The very theme makes this novel ‘a must read novel’ if you think you can’t afford to have a tragedy in your family.

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    ‘MINDFUL EATING’; A book by Priti S. Gaglani (founder of Priti Gaglani’s Health Reservoir, since 2007)intends to teach you how to understand one’s own body type, how to combine the food ingredients and the correct cooking technique. The book aims to reach the mass, irrespective of any age groups as it caters to a collection of +200 recipes ranging from Soups, Salads, Dosa and Chilas, Khichadi and Pulav, Snacks, Desserts, Kids Friendly Items, Smoothies, Juices, Detox Waters and Beauty Packs. Every recipe is a reliable tool as it is derived after 14years of experience in Food, Nutrition and Sports Dietetics counseling for more than 2000 clients.

    The book focuses on Lifestyle Modification, rather than only low calorie eating.

    Eat for the ME in YOURSELF.

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    The author cites examples from all sectors, but mainly focuses on the importance of productivity in the manufacturing sector, in particular. Historically, humans being is constantly chasing revolutions one after another, finally approaching the present day revolution – Industry 4.0. This book attempts to decode Productivity in terms of concepts like Efficiency, Machine Interference, Machine & Labour Productivity, Capacity utilization, Productivity Index and Multi Factor Productivity (MFP). The book also attempts to express the importance of individual productivity and its conversion into corporate & national productivity, i.e. the GDP. Simply, it may be described as the matter of Time Management. However, the book, first and foremost, showcases the practical handling of issues related to labour productivity in the manufacturing industry, which are very critical and stressful, keeping in mind the growing size of companies. The case studies reproduced here, provide only a glimpse of experience. While going through the exercise, one may encounter vital issues of man management, team management, and communication to ensure the successful completion of a venture. This is to highlight that the accomplishment of such herculean tasks bring about a major transformation in the organization. The author hopes to collaborate with experts from other industries with their lifetime experience in the future editions of this book.

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    Sakhi, a village belle and a gardener’s daughter, is born and brought up at a rich zamindar’s estate. Thrust into widowhood at a young age, she steps up and fights her own battles, desperately carving her own path in the world. Rama on the other hand, works hard to promote the marriage of widows in society. She’s stuck somewhere between reality and idealism; hypothesis and fantasy! Rama’s brother Jai Singh, a handsome, young graduate from the University of London, comes back to India to visit his family; dreaming of expanding his father’s business abroad. He returns to India, only to experience a bold stroke of fortune that shatters his family…

    Sakhi by: Aparnaraje Ingle 150.00
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    The letter box is a funny old thing. It houses regrets, happiness, confessions and sorrow. But you never know what you are going to get once you open the lid. Arin Chatterjee is 30 and divorced. Homeless and driven sick by a job he hates, he comes across a box of letters, rusty and locked. In a journey of self-discovery, will Arin manage to turn his wrecked life up-side down? Or will the omniscient Fate have the last laugh?

    That Letter Box by: Aritra Dey 104.00
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    The First edition of A to Z of Database Management System & SQL is a comprehensive book, specially designed to meet the needs of undergraduate students of engineering. The material has been designed to provide overall coverage of DBMS as a whole. The book is more focused on exam preparation, interview preparations, GATE preparations etc. It mainly covers the core concepts of DBMS with solved problems and practice exercises

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    Rallah on the Rajpath! Because after the resignation of Chaudhary Charan Singh’s home minister, the farmers had a flame of resentment against Morarji Desai. Hanuman of Chaudhary Saheb – ‘Netaji’ Rajnarayan (Health Minister) organized a huge farmer rally on his birthday to take advantage of this resentment. In the media report the crowd was estimated at 35 lakhs. Self Defense Minister Babu Jagjivan Ram, by observing the helicopter, termed the biggest rally in the history of the country.

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    Will love win again as always? Jatin is a lower middle class boy who has been bullied ever since. Priya, on the other hand, belongs to a rich class who brings a lot more than just love to Jatin’s life. No, don’t mistake it for a normal love story between a rich and a poor. The world doesn’t stand between them but something else does. Will they be able to keep up?

    Love-Tennis by: Jitender kumar 199.00
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    “About the book

    “”मैत्री”” हि आर्यवर्त मराठे आणि निशिगंधा पाटील या नावाच्या दोन किशोरवयीन विद्यार्थ्यांची कथा आहे ज्यांची मैत्री शाळेमधे वाढते. या कथेत शाळेतील गमती जमती आहेत, मैत्रीत केलेला त्याग आणि त्यामधील पवित्रता आहे. काही कारणांमुळे दोघांनाही तात्पुरते दूर जावे लागते पण हा दुरावा त्यांच्या आयुष्यात कायमचा घर करून बसतो. बावीस वर्षानंतर आर्यवर्त लंडनवरून त्याच शाळेला भेट देण्यासाठी येतो. त्याची लहानपणाची आवडती शाळा आता एक सरकारी गोडाऊन झाले होते. पहिल्यांदा आर्य त्याच्या शाळेतल्या मैत्रिणीबद्दल त्याची बायको अनुष्काला सांगतो. आर्यवर्त बावीस वर्षांपासून स्वतःला मैत्रीमधला दोषी मानत जगत आलेला असतो. निशूला गमावण्यासाठी स्वतःला दोष देत असतो. पण सत्य काहीतरी वेगळेच होते. निशु आणि आर्यवर्त का भेटू शकले नाहीत आणि बावीस वर्षानंतरहि निशु खरंच आर्यपासून दूर होती का? मैत्रीपलीकडे गेलेल्या आणि प्रेमाअलीकडे असलेल्या अशा नात्याच्या बावीस वर्षाच्या विरहाची एक कहाणी म्हणजे “”मैत्री.””

    “विसर पडता विसरु कसे?

    गुंतलेले पाश सोडवु कसे?

    विरुन गेले पाण्यात रंग

    अलग करता होतील कसे?”””

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    As a teenager, Sanya Khurana had very low self-esteem and was disgusted at not being ‘fit’ enough for the world. She sought acceptance in this patriarchal world, even at the cost of her passions and ambitions. In 2014, her father gifted her a book by Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. After reading it, she started a Lean In Circle. As she began leading a circle, she started leading her life, and observed a significant change in her confidence and self-esteem, and was on the path of discovering herself, spreading awareness and making a change in small ways. In this book, Sanya refers to patriarchy as a bug in human minds, which grows with age. She talks about how the Indian media, film industry, rituals and customs strengthen the bug; the effects of ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ Syndrome on gender roles; and how unsafe cities become a psychological barrier for women. The book aims to encourage women in every part of the country to come together and fight gender inequality. Lean In India is an independent organization, affiliated with Lean In. Org, which works closely with Lean In. Org to further its mission, and is licensed by LeanIn. Org to use the ‘Lean In’ name.

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    About the book—-After being successful in the civil services, a person’s world turns around, He becomes the ideal and the undeclared advisor for other aspirants, his social status is now uplifted. But behind the eve of his successful accomplishments, many sleepless nights, wasted days, breaking relationships, are a long story of failed attempts…… A middle class young boy who’s interested in the examination of civil services, a boy of small town, he goes to a big city looking for better career opportunities. He’s studying in a coaching, while struggling with economic problems, being with friends, fighting for his own existence. Also encounters world’s dual attitude, does fun, attends monotonous classes, understands the consumer culture rooted in coaching centres. Despite of being a part of all this he can’t rebel, the love of his life left him broken, sometimes alone facing the worst phase of his career and even after studying for hours, he faces failure in the state of his chaotic mental being, he tackles his depression and……….?????

    Eleven Month by: 195.00
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    Dr K.C. Vijayakumaran Nair is a retired Civil Servant. He has postgraduate degrees in English Language and Literature, Sociology, and History, and a Ph.D. degree in English (American Literature).

    He has authored a volume of short stories titled Back to the Shadows, and a novel Beyond the Human Eye. He has also published a history of the Indian Post Office titled From Mail to Email, which is an authentic story of the Indian Post Office. He writes under the pseudonym Vijay Kumar.

    This book makes an attempt to study the protean dimensions of the character in the plays of Sam Shepard, one of the great American dramatists of the latter half of the twentieth century. His plays, numbering around forty, are populated by a variety of characters like cowboys and criminals, rock-stars and revolutionaries, artists and visionaries, ghost girls and witch doctors, dreamers and fantasists, and heroes and heroines, drawn equally from myth, legend, and history.
    Shepard’s characters differ from the characters of well-made plays. In keeping with the concept of the post-modernist theatre, dramatists like Shepard presented characters that crossed the threshold of the anticipated character.

    This book goes beyond the existing gamut of Shepard studies, and explores an area that has received scant attention. – the changeable disposition of the character in the plays of Shepard.

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    This book is an investigation of the proofs of God’s existence in both science and religion. For centuries now, scientists have been trying to find a science surrounding religion. But in this book, we will find the science that is coded within religion. This book starts with the Great city of Alexandria and then progresses to Italy, finally ending up in Space. On our journey of decoding the science in religion we will encounter many popular legends such as the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Newton, and then make our final stop at the Modern Einstein—Stephen Hawking. The Scrutiny decodes a number of mathematical equations from religious books as well as ancient civilizations. It starts with man and ends up at the great gods. It answers the most prominent questions of all time—where do we come from? Where are we going? While finding our answers, we get to decode the famous Mona Lisa, The School of Athens and find our answers in the codex of God. During our journey, we will also unmask some famous hoaxes, such as that of the legendary William Shakespeare and the famous legend of Fatima… The Scrutiny concludes with “The Theory of Everything” – A theory that can satisfactorily explain God with the help of both Science and Religion. So buckle up! We are all in for one crazy ride…

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    This book has taken into account an in-depth analysis of urbanisation, solid waste accumulation and management as well as household willingness to pay for improved solid waste management in selected towns of a state in the Eastern Himalayas, i.e., Arunachal Pradesh. The volume of municipal solid waste is increasing day by day because of increasing population, urbanisation, developmental activities, and changes in lifestyle, food habits and socio-economic activities etc., although collection efficiency and infrastructure are not growing adequately. Considering the advent of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Policy in India, this book can be an important document for academicians, environmentalists, environmental economists, professionals, social scientists, researchers, policy makers, planners, administrators, civic community and the general public concerned about urban environmental problems.

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    “Nang Hingchong Keman, an anthology of self-composed Karbi poems by a very promising young Karbi poet On Teron. The book was officially released on 11th February 2019 at Diphu. Containing a total of 87 poems, Nang Hingchong Keman is On’s first individual collection of poems. The book is among the first anthology of poems in Karbi language to have been published by a publisher outside the state of Assam. The book also contains the valuable words of Padmashree Rongbong Terang, the most prominent literary figure among the Karbis, Shri Sar-et Hanse, winner of the Kabya Kamal Award and also Shri Khorsing Ingti, a leading poet of the present day Karbi literary world.
    The poems contained here deals with various subjects and themes revolving around the issues faced by the present day world. However, the poet had given more space to his personal relationship and ideas about the world around him.
    Although the traditional for of Karbi poetry follows some definite and strict rules of rhyming, On’s poem here are a totally break from rules. Inspired by the evolving age of poetry around the globe, On had chosen to adhere to the post-modern form of poetry or the poetry technique of the contemporary age.”

    ON TERON by: ON TERON 200.00
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    What possible legacy could a nine -year old Labrador leave behind for her childhood friend? When, how and between whom does the sibling rivalry happen? Who finds a snake in a sprawling old colonial bungalow and saves his family? Do all therapists wear white coats with a stethoscope around their necks? Intrigued and eager to know more?! Read ‘K9 Connect’ – A celebration of true friendship and unconditional love. K9 Connect is a collection of personal recounts of dogs that one has been fortunate enough to have grown up with, raised or simply interacted with on the streets. Their nobility, large heartedness and graciousness is the common thread that runs across the stories. It also nudges the readers to turn inwards, understand why they want to bring a puppy home, whether they are ready to be pet parents and then take a thought-out decision. The book strives to drive home the point that if one has been blessed with uncritical canine attachment, altogether ignorant of our faults, the least one can do is to be responsible pet parents and look after these wonderful creatures. Be kind and love them. Stay Connected….

    K9 Connect by: Vinita Seth 110.00
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    My forthcoming book entitled “BHARAT ME DHARMIK PARYATAN PRABANDHAN” is an endeavor to highlight the challenges of Religious Tourism in India. While writing this book, it put special emphasis on creating food for thought in the minds of readers regarding various processes involved in the development of Religious Tourism, so as to publicize and tap onto its immense potential. India being a predominantly religiously denomination, has immense scope of religious tourism, especially with respect to the domestic visitors. Publicity and challenges of the development processes through various means of media management for the upliftment of widespread religious tourism products as these are being attracted by a large number of domestic visitors. By understanding the core dynamics and sorting out the challenges we can make Religious Tourism prosper.

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    “English Across the Board is the first joint venture of both the grammarians Aditya Nand Sarswati and Sania Jan that has come up as an elaboration of their own classroom experiences.
    Both are the teachers of English at Open Minds A Birla School Kankarbagh, Patna, and have contributed in the fields of education and language researches for more than a decade. They also master various genres of literature in other languages too.Their work has been praised and acknowledged by different reputed institutions as well as CBSE itself. This book will prove a complete solution for all the queries regarding English Grammar and its application.It is written explicitly for the students appearing in State Board, CBSE, ICSC and all competitive examinations over the country.”

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    “The ‘ Doll House ‘ Novel exposes the shameless and untold truth behind the women’s life in the Indian society . Our society worships woman in the form of goddesses, but simultaneously engages inruthless mental and physical rape of the same women . This irony and prejudice can be realized through this novel . In this false shiny world of physiognomy, the attraction of the bundle of colorful crispy notes has dragged them towards a point of no return. In these glittering narrow street of Mumbai , such womanhood is either wandering around to maintain her simple existence or is constrained due to circumstances on this painful path of life. Their body is simply breathing to maintain their life and every moment a piece of their body and soul dies. They are an embodiment of broken femininity and shattered dreams. This real picture has been laid out in this Novel.
    Forced to work in ‘ Bar House ‘ surrounded by compulsions, the characters of ‘ Doll House ‘ Kshama ,Nissar, Maya, Ragini represents the class of women of the Indian society who have come here struggling and fighting for their survival. When we tried to know the truth of the life of these women, we found that they are living their lives on such a miserable and worthless conditions, where they have no choice but to undergo the guise of self – mortification and people’s greedy behavior.

    Doll House by: Manisha Sharma 199.00
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