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PRODUCTIVITY & Global Management Practices



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    The author cites examples from all sectors, but mainly focuses on the importance of productivity in the manufacturing sector, in particular. Historically, humans being is constantly chasing revolutions one after another, finally approaching the present day revolution – Industry 4.0. This book attempts to decode Productivity in terms of concepts like Efficiency, Machine Interference, Machine & Labour Productivity, Capacity utilization, Productivity Index and Multi Factor Productivity (MFP). The book also attempts to express the importance of individual productivity and its conversion into corporate & national productivity, i.e. the GDP. Simply, it may be described as the matter of Time Management. However, the book, first and foremost, showcases the practical handling of issues related to labour productivity in the manufacturing industry, which are very critical and stressful, keeping in mind the growing size of companies. The case studies reproduced here, provide only a glimpse of experience. While going through the exercise, one may encounter vital issues of man management, team management, and communication to ensure the successful completion of a venture. This is to highlight that the accomplishment of such herculean tasks bring about a major transformation in the organization. The author hopes to collaborate with experts from other industries with their lifetime experience in the future editions of this book.

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ISBN: 9789353472382
SKU: 2471
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 71

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