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    Dr. Hare Ram Pandey

ISBN: 9789353478728
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Jeewan Bhashya

by: Dr. Hare Ram Pandey


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    Human life is also as enigmatic and mysterious as the deep sutra-scriptures like Yogasastra Brahmasutra etc. Just as these great texts are easy to understand with great scholarly commentary, similarly human life full of complications is also expected. This is an attempt in which, along with the difficult tribulations found in the life of the common man, those possibilities, hopes and achievements are also written. There is a treasure that can make it proud. It can prove helpful in getting amazing results with a slight change in our ethics. It also refutes the notion prevalent in society today that in today’s era religion God and self-realization is not possible.

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ISBN: 9789353478728
SKU: 3210
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 158

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Dr. Hareram Pandey is a distinguished prose creator and prose lyricist who beautifully presents the valuable ideas of great India scattered here and there in the ancient scriptures, in the needs and limitations of today. His three compositions are 'Jeevan Darshan', 'Gajyagitamala' and ' Charitra Chintamani 'is published. Shri Pandey has deep faith in Swami Vivekananda's character building stream.

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“Jeewan Bhashya”

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