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ISBN: 9789390119097
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I just can’t let you go

by: Manah.


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    Kabir.. A charmer of all the times who knows his way to everyone’s heart.Nidhi.. A multimillionaire’s daughter bestowed with all the love and riches possible.Nidhi looses her heart to Kabir. He empowers her, she was otherwise very dependable. They fall in love, never ending eternal love. Life was indeed beautiful and perfect. But then destiny plays it’s part. What happened was a headline for others. For these two, it was a never ending nightmare.”Let me go, I can’t bear this anymore, just let me go,” was what he said.”For the sun, moon and the universe will all conspire to make you mine. You own all my breathe till I take the last one, I can’t let you go..I just can’t let you go.. ,” was what she said.But how will she conquer this hardship when her saviour is at the other end? What made Kabir so indifferent to Nidhi?Read this overwhelming tale of romance which gives you many reasons to introspect life and look at the world around with compassion

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ISBN: 9789390119097
SKU: 3922
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 144

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“I just can’t let you go”

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