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    Kaali fell in love with a bandit who abducted her while a bandit attack on her village, living as his prisoner, she finds it mysterious and challenging to set with him on his farm on a secluded spot, in surrounding cohabitation of others.

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    Love heals but love also hurts. And to some of us, it hurts more than anyone can assume. Natasha Singh, a modern desi girl appears to have it all in her life from outside, but on the inside she keeps missing her ex Akul whom she had truly loved during their MBA days and ever since their break-up she has been vulnerable to the idea of falling in love again and then… Akshay enters her life. Akshay is not just any guy but Akul’s twin brother. Natasha totally wants to avoid him because she is constantly skeptical that Akul will think wrong when he comes to know that his ex is bonding with his twin brother. But destiny wants them to meet and eventually, Akshay and Natasha are drawn to each other. But what is love without challenges? Natasha gets shattered when she comes to know that Akshay has also hidden something big from her. She feels devastated after two break-ups therefore her best friend Mansi takes her on a trip to Mcleodganj to meet Nikhil, a new age agony uncle. What happens when Natasha meets Nikhil? Is she able to find an aid to her aching heart? Does Akshay return in her life? How does Akul react when he comes to know that his ex-girlfriend is in love with his twin brother? A Bit of Both is a new age love tale with a very gripping plot and interesting twists till the end. It is an ideal read for those who are always up for a light-hearted fiction.

    A bit of both by: Richa Telang 199.00
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    Adjustment is a fictional love story. Individuals, the situation is initially a fantasy world. Love is an integral part of a person’s life. Without it man cannot have manhood. But; Nevertheless, there are some adjustments in love, adjustments. Only then does that love last. Some even compromise for the sake of love and spouse. Some feel that adjustment is a bad thing.But; Anyway, in life there is nothing but compromise. A small attempt to convey this is through this story. This story is also based on the same topic. The story is rather short; Hope you enjoy this story.

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    “What is Love? Not even 10% people of this planet will give the same answer. Probably it has more
    meanings than any other English word.
    It took fifteen years for Digvijay to understand it’s true meaning and a cup of coffee for sidhesh Banerjee
    to know it’s worth!
    Who is sidhesh, and why is he so interested in Digvijay’s story? Is it out of his-own-interest or because of
    their mutual relation with a specific woman?
    Buckle up and endeavor a fifteen-year-old tale of love, life, hatred, family, emotions, friendship, success
    and failure!
    Based on true Incidents of every common’s life.”

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    “Ravi & Vandana have everything going right for themselves – they are both in careers of their choice, both are alphas in their role and profession, both love each other deeply. And while they seem to be steadily headed towards marriage, Ravi is conflicted by his desires.

    Encouraged by his friends he downloads an app and meets someone! Now what are the odds of another someone getting to know about his activities on the app?

    How will Vandana react if and when she gets to know about this? Who is blackmailing Ravi? What about demons from Vandana’s past?”

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    “Every part of me will be in love with you for the rest of your life. I wanted to be the one that you never see coming. It is tough to believe that you let me go. You may see a million sunrises in my absence, but only I can make that beautiful for you.” An intense feeling of love, which is beyond to express in words, acts like a fierce “flame.” Moon has the power to make nights beautiful by fading the darkness away with its charm. This book is about the “flames” of a lover who was left by his love of life. His pain and grief that not being with his charm of the living “moon”. But he will never stop his fight until he wins his battle. This book contains 36 poems. It is a journey of true love. And its madness for beloved ones. This book is the expression of unconditional love towards their partner. “I will love you until God decides that it is time for me to leave this body…leaving my body is an end but my love will conquer this world to start a new beginning. In my absence, it will worship you for ages.” There is no death for love. If you truly love anyone, even your death will conquer this world.

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    She is a girl who knows how to hide her pain in a smile. “Love is not for you” she always used to tell herself, but deep down in her heart, she wanted to be loved. She wanted to have that special bond with someone. And one-day, love came in her life unannounced, changing her life into a beautiful dream she never wanted to wake up from. As beautifully as it came it went away leaving her alone, empty and broken.

    What happens when two years later, she comes face to face with the same person who made her body tingles, and her thoughts restless, the one who didn’t her sleep at night?

    Will she get her love back, or she will have to live only with those memories?

    Read and find out…”

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    “The novel is about a 18 year old boy named Sam, like most other guy’s his age he is an average student and is fed up with his studies, he’s very much interested in going to Himalayas to know the purpose of his life and find some answers. Then he meets a girl named Priya, falls madly in love with her at the very first sight, meets her again, they get into a relationship, everything goes good until her dreams of becoming a badminton player gets in between them.
    Does she leave her dream for her boyfriend? or breaks up with him for her badminton?
    Did he leave her to make her happy? Did he visit Himalayas?”

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    I, the writer of the story, listened to it From the protagonist about his love life Lob Sang Kim, the protagonist, and Vrishti Ahuja, his love Both are in love, but never confess to each other. Feelings are strong, but what to do with doubts? But at last, one of them confesses, but it drives them apart, Miles apart

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    “My Love You look hot when you run!” When she read the letter written with blood, she gasped in horror. The protagonist Natasha, was a content editor by profession and was living a peaceful life in the suburbs. However, an unsolicited event made her a nyctophobic— someone suffering from post-traumatic stress. And while recovering from her trauma, she started receiving creepy letters from a stalker turning her into an ‘avenging angel’ mode. Nevertheless, her life again changed completely when she met Siddharth in a hospital. He was a fun loving and a handsome hunk whose life was a perfect mess around alcohol, drugs, and one-night stands. But after meeting Natasha, he developed captivating interest for her. Will Siddharth be able to catch up or will it rip them apart? Will Sid be able to convince Natasha that he’s the one for her? Will he support her to find the culprit? “Hello, Don’t put the book down just yet, Pick it. You are welcom to my world.” -The Anonymous

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    This book is a fictional love story which revolves around two individuals of  two different religions beautifully authored by Nitin Yadav and Rishav Yadav. The central idea of this book is to keep the humanity alive.

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    First love. People says that its never got, or never forgotten. Still ! its not impossible to conquer. One fine day, you wake up and realize that he is no more in your life, as yours. Do you still have the guts to live in his name for the rest of your life? I bring to you, the story of Payal and Karan, who met each other within the college boundaries. Payal falls for Karan. She decides to speak up her feelings and know his verdict, if he had similar feelings for her or not. But, the entry of a third person changed the rest of their life. Will Payal be able to express her feelings to him or destiny have something else for them with the entry of a third person?



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    Life moves on simple till some other person dares to mock at it. Kruthi- she is smug in her tiny world. Her life can be equated as: Kruthi + Amma = World Kruthi + friends = Enjoyment, teasings, notorious…………… Entry of Aman, makes her life Kruthi + Aman = ? This story is a mix of friends, family, love. Read and explore the life of kruthi and her challenges.

    CLOSE TO MY HEART by: Ashmita Reddy 300.00 250.00


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    A heart touching story of friendship love and loyalty.

    Yaar Na Chute by: Kundan Kumar 100.00
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    Velvets by: 120.00 110.00
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    IF IT’S NOT LOVE by: Syed Arshad 100.00


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