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    Love Conspires, Just Like Universe (Pre-Order) by: Ritesh Arora 122.00 98.00

    Sarthak is a renowned author, who fell in love when he was twenty-two but lost his better half in an accident in Spain. Eighteen years on, he sets out on a pilgrimage to Neelkanth to seek answers to a repetitive dream. On a train journey, he meets a feisty young woman Navya who has learned to expect nothing from men, and a mysterious Baba, who is no one, but the universe itself reincarnated. Sarthak and Navya grow closer, and together they make the journey to Neellkanth to Rishikesh, a small town in the foothills of the Himalayas. The mystical journey guides them to understand life, love, and the power of the heart. More importantly, how the universe conspires two soulmates to be with one another, traversing through time and space.
    Filled with numerous life lessons, it is an extraordinary, page-turning love story that subtly teaches listening to the heart and, most importantly, secrets of the universe.


    Most of the content in this book is fiction but some incidents are my personal experiences or happenings that I saw in my social circle. The idea about writing this book is to narrate a unique story for the voracious readers. This book also throws a light on the future existence of word ‘GOD’, as the people with rationale mindset disagree with the traditional belief system until they find a proper logic behind it.
    The Resurrection Machine invented by the protagonist and his children challenges the existence of ‘GOD’. The mess around this machine goes on with a sweet love story running parallel. This amazing love story continues even after demise of the lovers, who are now stronger than their previous lives.

    Although my book is intended mainly for entertainment, but at the same time it also emphasizes on the qualities like Hard Work, Honesty and values of life that should be adhered for a happy life.



  • Him – Now and Forever by: Samia Hasan 150.00

    Him. Now and Forever is a collection of poems tied together by the common theme of love. The book portrays the hopes and dreams of a woman who is in love with a man and promises to love him till her dying breath. The anthology has been lovingly put together, each poem echoing an array of human emotions that only a true lover can relate to. The alluring poetry enwraps the innocence of falling in love, the conviction needed to continue loving during difficult or desperate times, finding love in ways you never thought you would.

  • Sorry to Love You by: Doubty Noble 200.00

    Ranvir fell in love with Ibaadat at an age too young. They stayed in relation till fate set them apart. Finally, after six years, they meet again and fall in love. But the love which comes back to Ranvir brings terms and conditions along. Sahil senses the perilous consequences of Ranvir falling into the same trap again.

    Ranvir gets stuck between going to hell and getting a good life. Sahil makes every possible move to protect Ranvir from Ibaadat, while Ranvir tries his best to make it happen with Ibaadat. Will friendship shield Ranvir against the cruel love, or will Ranvir succeed to find his lost love?

  • Tanisha by: Dhrubajyoti Singha Ray 295.00

    Akash came to Pahargachi for the wedding of his friend’s sister Tanisha. Until the day before the wedding, Tanisha accompanied Akash to enjoy the beauty of this place. Akash was fascinated by the beauty of Pahargachi and Tanisha, and unknowingly he fell in love with Tanisha. Then on the day of Tanisha’s wedding, Akash realized that it was not possible for him to get Tanisha and he returned home disappointed. We all know that their story did not end there, it had just begun. So let’s read this book to know the story of the two of them in the splendid beauty of hills, rivers, forests and my imaginations.

  • A Girl With Two Hearts by: Mahimma Mor 201.00

    A girl with two hearts is inspired by the true love story of a couple that motivates lovers to fight against social norms. This is a story that depicts how society turns up evil for one who loves. Readers will surely like the quirky addition of poetic style descriptions.

  • Wedding Day of the Most Romantic Man that ever Lived by: Faria. F Valdemiro, A.D.I conversation books 350.00

    The masterpiece copy is on sale for 55 million dollars making it the most expensive book ever, you can get it here almost for free, another bestseller classic, as God the creator of love allowed in here stories of romance from John Kennedy to mystical ones of love between Giants.

  • When the Night Falls by: Raghav Chaturvedi 209.00

    The novel revolves around a teenager named Yuzuru who lives with his aunt and little sister who meets Asuna an orphan who just wants to have a family. Yuzuru has lost his parents at a young age and doesn’t have any memory of it.

    The novel depicts the story where Yuzuru who has a family brings joy and color in Asuna’s life who just wants to have someone and how Asuna makes Yuzuru forget about all his worries and teaches him to live life to the fullest.

    This tale is full of suspense and romance, how small things can give you big happiness in life, how the family is what matters the most. how an unshakable belief and pure feelings can even force the god to change the fate

    When The night falls here indicates that when night falls down and sunrises

    Raghav was 15 when he penned down this book, it’s his teenage work, hope you like it

    Read Well Readers

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    Waiting…. My Valentine by: Rajendra G 140.00 110.00
    It is very important to express it when fall in Love… But how and how much effort is required to express it…what and how much to endure…
    Only he who falls in love, knows this.
    I don’t care about anything without you… Everyone has this condition… There is a loging for love…
    But to pass the test of love… Whether love is obtained by luck or by effort, it has to be understood first…
    Based on true love story, this book will sure to make sense.
    Rajendra G
  • The Ivory Man by: Banasmita Pati 250.00

    A beautiful friend who never forgot to laugh on every lame jokes that he says. A friendship that promised to find each other through the distance of miles between them. A Love of his life who appeared as the magical jingle and evanescence as if she never existed in the first place. The memories left behind long ago but in ordinary autumn, appears before him with many questions unanswered. A wife who never left him to be alone; without even knowing the whole of him, decided to love him a little more, every day. But would Rajen ever be able to fall in love with the same way he once felt before for a woman, who broken him into pieces. There were three stories connecting the dots of his whole lifeline and turned an ivory canvass into hundred hues. The one You would never have in your life, the one you would probably never see again and the one you share your life with… Rajen would constantly run towards the boulevard of reminiscences and look for that one familiar face to define as ‘soulmate’ or he would probably get lost on the outré street of muddling illusions…

  • Love Compromise by: Deepika Panade 144.00

    This book is on the youth of today, how can troubles come due to choosing the wrong relationship and how we love someone unconditionally, whereas you know what he/she feels for you and what importance he/she gives you in his/her life. If you have family support with you, then you can also bring a person walking on the wrong path on the right path. This same goes for a boy named Karan who is a well know celebrity, how he lives in the wrong relationship with Natasha marries Nidhi she is a doctor, with the will of his family. Despite Natasha, how does he fall in love with Nidhi? And how do they both get together? To know more read this book.

  • Love Unrequited by: Arijit Saha 122.00

    Love unrequited is a story that talks to you. Even though it happens in someone else’s life, it is still very similar to each one of us. Of course, it is not a love story in the usual rite but it still is a story of two people in love. The story right from the start is not destined to succeed but somehow fate moves the protagonists closer and their love blossoms. It is a story that we want to succeed. The story rides on a pacey script and compelling inter-woven analogies. The story is a must for those who want to read a realistic love story. The story is about losing love to fulfill the last wish.

  • All My Stars by: P.D. Vaid 269.00

    The story spanning sour and sweet verities of life, such as passion and compassion, is incredible. But beyond that, it is a tale of commitment in a relationship. As a doctor by profession, Linnea rises above all other characters to eventually grow the protagonist. Beginning unwittingly, out of her compassionate dispositions, she helped Rohan, a person of Indian origin, find accommodation by sharing her apartment with him. Amazingly, no commonality between the two; Linnea pursuing her study in medicines and Rohan in the same university studying engineering. She spotted him in the campus cafeteria, lost and helpless—Linnea, a light-skinned person of Swedish origin not much informed of the country of origin of Rohan. With age grew her appetite for compassion. Being an epitome of intrinsic benevolence, she ended up embracing Linda, an adult orphan, a batchmate of her granddaughter Lilly in the university. The magnanimity of friendship between Lilly and Linda worth vouching. Rohan eventually envisions boldly smashing the vanity of mundane possessions after losing his beloved Linnea in the hands of cruel death. For him is a magical experience, while touching his past simultaneously to see if it still has a hold on him—an insight story of ascending in life only to explore its vaguery – akin to gripping sand in the hands.

  • The Secret of Feelings by: Divyansh Kumar 122.00

    In this story, there were people who truly loved David, but none of David’s love was successful. Because of which David remained mostly alone, David got everything in his life, even got great success. But what he could not get was his love. Because when David fell in love, it always remained incomplete, When David fell in love with Alza, they parted ways because of Alza’s family problems. And when David decided not to love, then aarina entered in his life. Then when David fell in love with aarina, he went so far that now he was left only in aarina’s heart. Now he will neither be able to find anyone nor will anyone be able to.

  • 15 NOTES FOR MY LOVE by: JIYA & ANKUR 225.00

    “Falling in love is easy, but rising in love every single moment is the toughest.”

    The girl, Anamika, loved to make acquaintances with people, she was a very social girl but this habit gave her naught. She fell in love with the rising callous singer, who gave her nothing but doldrum. Spending time with him, indeed, was filled with felicity and thereupon she fell in love with the disposition of this young man.

    The question arises here is why did Ekansh leave Anamika when everything was going good?

    Will he ever come back to her again or not?

    Being the daughter of his father’s mistress, she suffered a lot. Life couldn’t be more daunting for anyone, even happiness didn’t dare to stay in the court of a young girl for so long.


    The untold mystical feelings, inked with the most selective words of affection to juice out the unconditional, inquisitive love, which “I will always have” in remembrance of the one, who made my life worth living. The idea of devoting myself to you will never be a second choice. The words in here have clubbed together, to form the “Story Of My Life”. These lines which I have inked with the affection of my heart are just another way to reflect the genuineness of my love in its purest form. I hope & pray & wish, that you see our beautiful memories with my eyes, through these lines which have uttered my side of experiences of our love & thus will last forever, “Till The End Of Time”.

  • Days Full Of Joy by: SUREN JONES EDWIN 168.00

    The moon witnesses a beautiful love scene, where two young love birds singing songs together, Davi and Ankita had some beautiful days. But one mistake took their happiness and love, separated them both leading them to chase their own passion. Year’s past Ankita decides to move on with another man but the re-entry of David into her life again puts her in Dilemma.

  • The Lonely Flight by: Abani Mishra 200.00

    In the midst of a betrothal,  Suchitra a young girl of a wealthy Indian class meets a mysterious cab driver who stirs up her curiosity, and romance sets in between them. What does this spell for the future of her new budding romance? Who would she choose? Would love be enough? These and many more are hidden behind the covers of Abani Mishra’s “The Lonely Flight

  • The Story by: Khan Sumbul Nazeer 428.00

    The Story’ tells about a girl named Alika in her early 20s. She runs into a charming personality businessman Wad. Who turned out to be a non-human. They got together but only for the time that is destined by Almighty. When Wad leaves Alika, to handle her grief alone then Nuwaisir became a shoulder on which Alika can load the burden of her pain. Hence love from the soul cannot be forgotten no matter what are the circumstances.

  • MEMORIES – You can(not) call it love by: Sherin Reji 360.00

    Name’s Sid
    Wanna hear my story?
    Grab me a drink

    Meet Sid,
    A man self-made on the fortunes of the modern era but troubled by the habits of old.
    He’s the perfect man in the eyes of society,
    But behind the tailored shirts and polished shoes lies a past life which haunts his existence.

    Meet Akshara,
    A woman looking to be made in the ever growing world but not knowing where to start.
    While meeting Sid for a position at his company, she senses a spark not kindled within him and he senses a fire ever burning within her.
    Follow their lives as they walk through their days slowly unfolding the secrets of the past that made them

    Will they finally find a purpose worth living for,
    or will life always be “on the rocks?”

  • Lilac Roses (Love journey of a Hopeless Romantic) by: Thabitha J I 200.00

    “If you either force love or healing, you will end up in severe pain. Both love and healing need patience.”

    This is the story of Siddharth, a hopeless romantic who is still stuck with his teenage first love Sophia. Losing himself in the hues of love, he forgets that this is an unsaid love. When a night reveals his grandpa’s heart-breaking secret, he learns there is an untold story behind every human. Sid messes up the chance with Sophia with his impulsiveness. When his innocence and bad timing lead to severe heartbreak, a life-changing situation happens. Will Siddharth get the love he deserves? Will he discover himself from the haunting past?

    Lilac Roses is a see-saw going up and down with rewinds of emotions, friendship, love and magic.

  • Stories from my heart by: Rekha Nilesh Raul Arora 146.00

    Love comes to those who wait. Love is the most beautiful emotion in the world. It is the most enchanting feeling which takes you into a complete new world of dreams and fantasies. Through the two stories and along with the characters of my books, I wish to take you all to the wonderful world of love. Wishing all of you a lovely life.

  • Chennai to Goa A Magical Musical Love Story by: Bhagya Vempati 279.00

    This story is inspired by the true love between Lord Krishna and Radha. It is a magical, musical love story.
    Pardhu who is from a low middle-class family, joins a cruise company as a Chef. He meets a friendly girl Pranathi who joins as a waiter in the same company. Pardhu likes her on their first acquaintance.
    Krish is a wealthy, intelligent businessman with a lot of bad habits. His dad proposes that Krish should marry his friend’s daughter Pragnya. However, Pragnya wants to get to know Krish before she agrees to their alliance. So, they travel on a cruise from Chennai to Mumbai.
    Pardhu and Pranathi happen to be working on the same cruise ship. Due to circumstances, Pragnya starts to like Pardhu, but he doesn’t show any interest. Krish and Pranathi also get to know each other unexpectedly. On their first acquaintance, Pranathi forms a low opinion on Krish.
    One night a dramatic incident happens and the ship suddenly sinks in the ocean. Luckily, Krish and Pranathi survive and reach an island filled with many animals. How do they escape from there? What about Pardhu and Pragnya? Do they survive? Did the ship really sink? Read on and find out.

  • Mr. Perfect One by: Harshita Jain 159.00

    In the era of finding soulmates, we find somebody who complete us. This is the concept of partner and lover. But by reading this story, it is quite clear that life partner or lover is not somebody who complete us but he or she is someone who compliment us. The ups and down is not hidden, The darkest secret is always discussed not like the rotten rose in the shelf. Hishali malhotra,who is full of life. She Love her life more than anything. For her love is the antidote of every disease. After so many ups and down she finds her MR. perfect one. The one who compliment her. Find out who is her Mr. perfect one.


    When Michael and Rachel met each other, there was an instant spark despite hesitancy. Their love blossomed, and each tried to fit into each other’s world while seeking to establish their own identities. Will it be a fit? Will they love each other despite their past? This passionate romance novel gives you a glimpse of true love, acceptance,
    and the desire to see deep within the heart.

  • The Road to Infinity: A story of two parallel lines by: Priyasha Bagchi 225.00

    When childhood friends Ryan and Myra meet after years, they realize how

    disillusioned and unhappy they are. Career slumps and burnouts compounded
    by unresolved internal conflicts had taken a toll.
    An epiphany urges them to make an impromptu trip to Norway on a shoestring
    budget, something which was on Myra’s bucket-list since she was a teenager.
    Together they undertake a journey that is initially fraught with emotional
    upheavals. Slowly, they shed their emotional baggage and discuss some of life’s
    big questions while rediscovering their own special bond.
    In the quest of finding meaning, the conundrum arises when Ryan and Myra
    must decide what ‘happily ever after’ means to them and whether they will have

  • The circumstantial Stranger by: Dr. Navya Srinivas 200.00

    Gone are the days of eternal love, now is an era of, friend zones and unrequited love. Once an overwhelming hue of red, love is now, a million shades of grey. Come embark on a roller coaster journey, with a naive, 23 years old, medical Intern Urvi, as she barges into the unexplored territories, of her emotions. Whilst simultaneously tapping into, her inner world, by writing, secret letters, to her beloved stranger. All this while, unintentionally, redefining, the essence of true love. This book is, a lot about love and a little about heartbreaks, but mainly, it’s about the transformation of Urvi, from being a broken soul, to once in a lifetime, kind of woman.

  • Who Wonder Why by: Anisha Gupta 297.00

    A book that talks about how you feel, which makes you feel normal to feel anxious and to talk about your is about the unsaid feelings which become so heavy for us, that we end up bottling the feelings which hurt us in great masses. Talking about feelings is always the best gesture whether it be some romantic feelings or it was anxiety, I always consider them to be spoken which is why this book comes out and speaks on my and your behalf.

  • Rated 5.00 out of 5
    The Mist A collection of short poems by: Shelva Suresh Thachayil 150.00

    “Innocent drops of rain makes almost all the events quiet natural” This collection is an experience that comes to mind with some pictures. If often helps to overcome the difficulties of human life. State of happiness is something that everyone needs in daily life. This may have an image which is able to influence an ordinary women with a lot of difficulties like me or it may have a selection of mind or a miracle or a dream.

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