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    Nidhi Kukreja

ISBN: 978-93-5347-115-6

The Anonymous

by: Nidhi Kukreja
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    “As I sat down, my eyes rested on the envelope lying on the doormat, For Natasha, the writing on it said. I panicked, this cant is him again! I hurriedly opened it and his words made me cry out loud.”

    The Anonymous is the story of Natasha, a victim of sexual violence, assault, harassment, and rape, who was a happy, cheerful girl, but she is now cold, heartbroken and weak! During her recovery, she was dragged into a vicious cycle of nightmares by the letters, that just wouldn’t let her move on.

    “Dreams are woven and seamed when the bloodsheds”

    But the path we move on is always not easy; Hurdles, difficulties, issues, problems bring you down, but the inspiration and spirit to go ahead keep you focused and determined. It is not easy, sometimes we get lost and trapped.
    Is she has trapped it? Or is she forced into a cycle of self-harm and depression? Is it a fight to survive? Is there really no escaping the past?

    “Hello. Don’t put the book down just yet, pick it. You are welcome to my world.”

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ISBN: 978-93-5347-115-6
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 180

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