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    Monika Shah

ISBN: 9789390034550
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by: Monika Shah
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    “”” A drop of ink may make a million think””- Lord Byron,
    Is exactly what I hope to achieve from this book . When I started writing, it was at first very personal , like for a friends special celebration or an announcement, but then I witnessed what a powerful impression words could leave behind .

    So this book contains my poetry which is written on various topics , such as Love or The Youth of today or even Religion to name a few & make us ponder on how we view the world at large .
    These verses express my heartfelt feelings for that particular subject & I hope to leave the readers with an afterthought of
    What can we do next to Improve our Existence ? or shed light on our world through my own perception .
    If my few words can help others reflect ( like it made me), to pause in life , look around , be gracious with gratitude , then I will believe my purpose of writing has been successful .
    We all have a lot to say but I hope this book makes you feel the emotion .”

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ISBN: 9789390034550
SKU: 3762
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 122

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
"My childhood began in Mumbai, the City of Lights & marriage transported me to Bangkok, Thailand , the City of Smiles . A wonderful journey of 44 years , where from having my 2 lovely children ( adults now ), to teaching Jainism for 15 years in Bangkok , has enhanced my life beautifully on its spiritual & maternal pathway. I don't recollect when from journaling my thoughts in the dairy ( as I could express myself more clearly ), turned to writing speeches for friends & now to poetry which helps me reflect on subjects I never knew I had an opinion about . So to Discovering Oneself ............. You can follow my poetry on lyricalflow.blogspot.com"

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