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    Aakash Redekar

ISBN: 978-93-90396-63-4
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It’s too late

by: Aakash Redekar


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About This Book

    In life we meet someone who is not our destiny. That person creates a place of his own in our heart that we cannot give that place to anyone else. We are ready to wait a lifetime for the same person. There are
    few people who love one-sidedly. And one-sided love is always done unseflshly. The feeling that the
    person will not meet you is very sad. urvi is one of the brilliant student in the college. She is in relationship
    with Rishi. Rishi is flirting with Urvi and Mansi at the same time. Suddenly Aditya enters in Urvi’s life. He tells the truth about Rishi to Urvi with the help of Sumit. She faces many problems in her life. Will she get support from her true love? When trust goes beyond love you’ll lost your self condence if you trust the wrong person. Will Aditya help Urvi for being strong or it’s too late. It’s too late is a story about the trust beyond love… and the healing power of friendship…

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ISBN: 978-93-90396-63-4
SKU: WB-4704
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 148

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Aakash Redekar is an Indian author. He likes to play with words and create his own writing world. He believes in love, emotions and the facts which really matters in our lives. As inspired by his own life and the person he loves the most. He decided to make his passion to his profession. Connect with Aakash Redekar via his; Instagram: aakashredekar13 E-mail: aakashredekar143@gmail.com

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