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    Kashmakash Mohabbat Or Dosti Ke Beech… Ek kahani… Jo mohabbat ki duniya dikha de… Jo dosti ke maayene samjha de… Ye kahani hain unn doston ki… Jinki dosti ke beech mohabbat ne dastak di… Kahin dosti par sawal, to kahin mohabbat par yakeen… Kisi ne zidd pakdi, to kisi ne chuppi… Ye mohabbat hain aisi… Jisne sachchi yaari bhi dikhayi, aur sachcha ishaq bhi… ” Mohabbat agar sachchi ho, to wo apna raasta khud hi doond leti hain…”

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    How long would you wait to tell a certain someone that you love them? Are you waiting for the right time? Well if you are then probably Trisha and Divyansh’s story would change your mind about it. They met, become friends, and even fell in love but will they be able to tell that to each other in time? Or they’ll be apart forever? Their story will make you realize how important time is or at times it isn’t. And you will keep wondering what if not this, that had happened. Read their story to know what happens finally!

    Finally? by: Priya Pokhriyal 210.00
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    This book is actually about a girl named Ridhima who wishes to achieve great things in her life but faces many difficulties. Here in this story she faces a lot of pains in life , she loses her love ones and also faces problems like trolling , taunts ,, depression and anxieties. How will Ridhima achieve her goal? How will Ridhima overcome her problems? Well all your answers are in this book.

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    We often say, ‘age doesn’t matter in Love.’ But are you sure about it? Mohit, a college student, falls in love
    with Manali, a girl who is elder to him. Manali is the daughter of one of his relatives. Mohit expresses his
    love for her. Manali also falls for his love. For some time, she forgets her family and the surrounding
    world. But when she comes to realize the future consequences, she decides to stop. Manali
    compromises her love for their families’ happiness. This story is the roller-coaster ride of love, friendship,
    and family relations. This story will show you what love is? This story will tell you what friendship is? And
    it will also tell you that sometimes, losing your love is a better way than being in love.

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    Seema Reddy, beautiful and energetic at 23, was about to marry her long time lover, Sundar. When he went to buy a ring for her, he was attacked by the ghost of her ex-lover. Seema promised to save him, but she didn’t know what price she had to pay in exchange for Sundar’s life. Now she is dead. Whatever happens to Sundar is on her!

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    In life we meet someone who is not our destiny. That person creates a place of his own in our heart that we cannot give that place to anyone else. We are ready to wait a lifetime for the same person. There are
    few people who love one-sidedly. And one-sided love is always done unseflshly. The feeling that the
    person will not meet you is very sad. urvi is one of the brilliant student in the college. She is in relationship
    with Rishi. Rishi is flirting with Urvi and Mansi at the same time. Suddenly Aditya enters in Urvi’s life. He tells the truth about Rishi to Urvi with the help of Sumit. She faces many problems in her life. Will she get support from her true love? When trust goes beyond love you’ll lost your self condence if you trust the wrong person. Will Aditya help Urvi for being strong or it’s too late. It’s too late is a story about the trust beyond love… and the healing power of friendship…

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