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  • VRIDDHAVASTHA VA BAD KI TAIYARI by: Surendra Singh 300.00
    Old age is bliss or Burden? It depends upon individual planning, its execution, life style and on overall circumstances. This book will be useful for all, irrespective of age, profession etc. If one has good health and wealth , lives independently with good social contacts and most important none of the children are greedy, that person will shine like sun and people will respect them . Failing any one of these , the person will whine like dog for needs. No one will respect such people .In my view , there is no god, rebirth, hell or heaven in this universe. God is within us. One has to face heaven or hell, in this life itself. We are fortunate to be born as human and will leave this universe leaving behind our works ,creations and behavior. The way people remember us for our achievements, creations and behavior, becomes ” Life after death ” .
  • Sanyasi, Jisne Apni Farari Nahi Bechi  by:  Vishal Shukla   245.00
    The Monk Who did not Sell his Ferrari! 2018— because he did not have any If you have read books like the ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari’ or ‘Who will cry when you die’ then you better understand, you are not going to get anything like this in this book. The name is willfully kept so that the readers get a glimpse of what they are going to get in the book. If you like the title of the book, then it is surely expected that you will like the book. I have started writing so that I could narrate my thoughts to others, about the events happening around me. When I wrote for some years and when some good number of articles were collected then a thought came in my mind why I should not club all of them, along with the comments and likes given by my Facebook readers. I believe that in India there is still a big section of readers who like to read printed material. This book is for readers like them. The book is based on the current events of the time, so I have given dates. Do read it and you will never be disappointed.
  •  Ilaychi – Mehak Shayeri Ki by: Shreya Kanodia 275.00
    Ilaychi – Mehak Shayeri Ki – Where the mages of words and songs from all over the country come gather!)
  •  Food With Succulent Flavors by: Ambika Pathania   179.00
    Each recipe includes Ambika’s tips and techniques for getting ahead, and has been rigorously tested to make your cooking enjoyable, delectable & stress-free. Helping you all the way!
  • Salivary Gland : An Overview by: Dr Rakhee 150.00
    This book is written in simple words so that every reader can understand the basics about salivary gland, its development, classification and several disorders related to salivary gland with special emphasis on histopathology features.
  • Thanganaat by: Parag Pandya 180.00
    The book of Gujarati Couplets collection named “Thanganaat” is not simply 2-3 liners but its philosophy of greatest chapter of life that is Love and Romance. Its polite Hellos exchange between lovers. It speaks for carefree  attitude like – “I puff away the worries with the smoke.” Then it takes to the agony of separation of lovers as usual. From there the sharp turn to 3 phases of life – Childhood, Youngness and the most romantic phase Oldage. It guides the readers to how to enjoy  ageing process without fear of death. It’s in true spirit “Thanganaat” means dance of peacock….the spirit of life .It has a ‘Midas touch’ of love . Love and Romance is something which you cannot express in a standard way of saying “I Love You” but in different form and style. “Love and Romance ” keeps you young forever and age becomes merely a number. The book speaks of LOVE so much making
  • Deepika’s Garden by: Shal 127.00
    To be or not to be what others want you to be – that is the eternal, existential question. This book takes a plunge into the psyche of a woman, who chooses to be herself, despite insufferable pressure. Though she is penalised, neglected and sidelined for not meeting the expectations of others, for not fitting in, she moves on with broken mast, tattered sails and damaged hull. Does she manage to anchor safely in calm waters? Refusing to be bogged down, she takes the daring journey to find her ‘soul stone’. There is a momentary setback when she is confronted with the truth. But faith keeps her surging ahead and she sows the seeds of invincible joy in the garden of her mind.
  • The fragile roar of the lion by: Saiyon Ur Rahaman 88.00
    The fragile Roar of Lion is a lyric. A collection of poems from the harbor of nature and everything we see. The warmth of both the wind and the sun doesn’t stumble to nourish us untill we forget the way of it. Untill we try to find in map Untill we people with vision forget to see. One of The quote of The fragile roar of lion that justifies this books instincts is “Humans in new technologies have found senses and the real ones have found deficiencies.”
  • Gurudev by: JAGENDRA RANA 315.00
    Guru Shishiya Tradition refers to the age-old Indian tradition of Gurukul. The shelter of a Master is the stepping-stone to achieve the real objective of this life. The spiritual progress in life is dependent on the link established with the Master. The grace of God starts flowing automatically with the grace of the Master. This work is entirely aimed at serving my own brethrens of Ramashram lineage.
  • Gender School and Society by: Richa Mehta 400.00

    This book-Gender, School and Society is designed around B.Ed syllabus (of F4) and provides
    constructs of gender, patriarchy, and several theories of feminism. It presents some social constructs of gender, stereotyping of girls in school and society and say women in society, media, literature and occupation. It also highlights our education system, with special reference to India, hidden curriculum, teacher attitudes and projection of patriarchal values in parenting, peer culture curriculum content analysed with a gender lens. The book proposes views on policy intervention in school education and national curriculum framework. This book is presented by a teacher with wide teaching experience in a premiere Education Department of the country recognised by several national and international awards for teacher education.

  • Voice of the Verse by:  Celinaa Srivastav, Kuhuo Bajaj, 225.00

    “The voices of these verses convince us that age is no bar to expression. It is truly a work of art.”
    -Shri Amitabh Bachchan

    With the Foreword written by Shri Amitabh Bachchan, well appreciated by Shri Ravish Kumar, Senior Executive Editor of NDTV, and many other eminent personalities; “Voice of the Verse” is a collection of well-crafted English and Hindi poems that revolve around social and emotional matters of our world. These allegorical verses have the underlying aim of making an impact on the readers’ minds.

    The world is ablaze. There have been so many drastic changes that the humanity seems to have lost its former charm. But even during this gloomy darkness, there are countless little rays of hope, which although are a bit hazy, yet are enough to illuminate our path. These poems emphasize on such issues of our world in a euphemistic and subtle manner. Some verses rhyme, some are just random collection of words, but each of these catapults the reader into a realm of thought and metaphor which they can relate to. This book is a platform for people to look inside and around and to give voice to their emotions buried deep inside.

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    In search of a seamless analogy between her destiny and her life, Inanna had witnessed human life was like every other course of nature. It also concluded in death. And so, if human life had its orbit, how could it be incomprehensible?Much influenced by the accounts written by her grandfather in ‘The Arcane Sophia’, and Klaus’s life narrated to her, Inanna was finally able to see the link between her thesis on immortality and the narration. What remained unresolved though was the mystery about the
    Friday-born.An absorbing account of the anonymities that entangle human beings in a dual pursuit. The pursuit of eternal love as a pre-requisite to overcome the shackles of life and death and the pursuit of comprehending the soul’s immortality.
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    A collection of life based Hindi Poetries, written for the purpose of self-realization. The Book has given voice to some social issues that normally goes unseen. The Book consists of both motivating and eye opening subjects written in the form of poetries. The book includes both long and short poems. A special category ‘#Charlayen’ is introduced as a quick refresher between the usual flow of the book. This unique category has tried to project a big picture in less words. The Book has also covered some real life tragedies of world that has happened in the recent past.
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    It provides readers with the history of the Alcoholic beverage, and appreciation of wine, beer, and spirits;
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    This book is about reality, heartbreak, love, longing, inspiration and self-care. REALITY – Your state of mind is your reality. HEARTBREAKS – Push me far enough and you will never find me again. LOVE – The magic in your eyes is meant for me. LONGING – My need for you blinds my reason. INSPIRATION – Embrace your weaknesses and you will grow stronger. SELF CARE – Your best asset is taking care of yourself. Let me know if anything else is pending. Also let me know if I can launch the book on 19th oct. and it will be available on the platforms on the 19th of oct 2020.
    Violins and wine by: vishakha bhola 299.00
     This book is about reality, heartbreak, love, longing, inspiration and self-care.

    REALITY – Your state of mind is your reality.

    HEARTBREAKS – Push me far enough and you will never find me again.

    LOVE – The magic in your eyes is meant for me.

    LONGING – My need for you blinds my reason.

    INSPIRATION – Embrace your weaknesses and you will grow stronger.

    SELF CARE – Your best asset is taking care of yourself.

  • img-book
    Vividh will provide you all shades of life.It is subtle and pure feeling of every individual.Vividh is collection of songs, Ghazals, Poems and what not.. it is complete book of human feelings.A segment of vividh talks on how should we behave cultured so it is a kind of self help book as well.
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    Smile design in dentistry book contains basic concept of understanding harmonious smile, its components, predisposition factors affecting smile designing under different headings. This book is having special emphasis on aesthetic related assessment of smile with well-illustrated diagrams.
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    This book narrates the unforgettable and golden memories of the journey from kindergarten to high school. The most important thing is that the author remembers his first class of kindergarten. This is not about education, but about enjoying the years of friendships, restrictions, rules and regulations of school life. It is about enjoying the control in disciplined situations. Arnie studied in Saint Augustine, a co-ed school with his four friends, Andy, Aarya, Shail and Vincy. Arnie has a female friend, Nia and Andy’s friend’s name is Myra. Both have a different love story, but realize once they leave school. But whatever time they spend together, they build memories. Arnie remembers his first day in the kindergarten to the last day of high school. He and his friends are average students. They are quite notorious; get punished several times, yet escape from certain situations. Their families always get informed about their activities, and develop coldness towards them.
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    Peacockery is a fiction novel based on fantasy which shows the strong bond between the Peafowl and human. It’s about four college student who took a wrong turn and got lost in the forest while chasing after a peacock further got transported to the ancient world.Later knew were summoned to fight a battle against the evil to protect the wold (forest) World of peacock and so the struggle for their live and quietus begin.
    Peacockery by:  Afsana Yasmin 451.00
  • img-book
    Over a decade now the country has been witnessing rising disharmony in the lifestyle of the youngsters, worst affected of whom are the aspiring students for higher studies, love affair, marital discord, social tensions, ideological conflicts among different faiths, castes, creeds, working executives, crimes against women, foetus, infanticide driving them to a state of desperation, frustration, birth of negativity, all of which are considered as reasons for development of psychological, physiological, social conflicts and confrontations within the relationships, the society, educational institutions, working environment and so on, a sense of solitude and desertedness seems to be embracing the youngsters and teenagers , pushing them to extreme end of life, suicides. This is attributable to the loss of self belief coupled with pressure to achieve edge in competitive spheres of life. Another most disturbing factor is the school going kids resorting to extreme steps in life as a matter of hurting their sentiments and social mix due to failure in examinations, disgracing circumstances brought upon them in general and mostly occurring in schools. They belong to a different age and their sensitiveness has sharply risen in their comparative self analysis than what was there hitherto. Author is also an ordinary person and believes in himself and the GOD, the Qualities of the God as written in the Holy Scripts and recited daily by all the Faiths that insulate the person from becoming a victim of negativity and give new hope for appreciating the essence, purpose and meaning of life – to struggle and succeed. Struggling itself is a way of life for different persons in different ways; it includes spiritual and physical, the combination of which creates a sense of self respect, the foundation for human survival. Author considered it compulsiveness to wake them up through the ways and means GOD has created for humans. Author believes the book will reawaken the self belief, self faith, self confidence and self conviction sensitizing by oneself of what is hidden within one SELF that can become a GLOW to appreciate the life and the beauteous nature that enables birth of POSITIVITY IN LIFE.
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    Every now and then you see a new day as you’re you, a beautiful disaster and nobody knows what’s coming next.
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    Shabdjaal is a book which touches varied emotions and experiences of life through web of words. It has poems on various topics be it inspirational, patriotic, emotional, romantic etc.
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    This book establishes a link between the Panchayati Raj and Rural Development. Panchayati Raj being people-centric institutions promotes quality of life of the people living in the rural areas. India is a home of villages where a large chunk of population lives whereas Panchayati Raj is a hearth of governance and development in rural areas. Government has assigned developmental tasks to Panchayati Raj bodies by involving people and their representatives. The goal of Panchayati Raj Institutions and Rural Development Schemes are interlined which focus on resolving issues of the people and take care of development. Government of India, through its legislations, empowers elected representatives of Panchayati Raj Institutions to share their responsibilities in developmental process and promotes services to the local people. This book covers strategy and evolution of Panchayati Raj system and effectiveness of centrally sponsored schemes. This book is useful for the functionaries of Panchayati Raj and Rural Development, students of Political Science, Rural Development Management, Scholars of M.Phil., & Ph.D., Development Agents, Social Activists, Students of different competitive examinations, etc. This book comprises important themes of Panchayati Raj and Rural Development which fulfills expectation of the readers.

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    This book revolve around social evils of society like poverty, dowry, corruption and social disparity.

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    The book is about a genealogy of Dutta Chowdhury family of the village Andul of Howrah district of West Bengal, India. A thorough study by the author who himself hailed from the family, Chowdhury of bloodline Dutta. The book also showcases brief and intact genealogical tree, starting from their founding-father, Purushottam Dutta of the 10th century CE, to now, based on older books from the family archive written by other authors.

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    Everyone wants to learn how to get answers to their prayers; praying women is not only praying, it’s praying secrets. Prayer is essential; Make a habit of talking with God when you are alone. We should be much in secret prayer. In the secret place of worship, where no eye but God can see, no ear but he can hear, cry out our most hidden desires to Jesus. Prayer is a conversation with God; I find it helpful in my prayer times to focus on God. You may be walking with several pains which are not visible to anyone, but it’s noticeable to God, he knows everything, he wants to give you rest & peace. In this book, you may walk with me in each chapter, in every episode before ending you will find the answer, you will find comfort, you will find healing, some lines make you smile, and some lines make you cry. If we want to become a prayer warrior, we should not set a timer. If we don’t want to learn and practice life, we should not become better askers. We are weak, sinful, faulty and needy but God is Strong; he is ready to answer your prayers. Keep praying, talk face to face, and see great promise.

  • img-book

    This book deals with “Saint Paul” (of Tarsus) who was a highly learned person. He had no personal acquaintance with Jesus Christ. He was a great persecutor of Jesus Christ and his followers. But on the vision of Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus, he became a stronger believer, follower, preacher and Apostle of Jesus Christ and adapted Jesus’s Way of Life. However, he altered and contradicted most of Moses and Jesus’s teachings. During his missionary exhortations, Saint Paul was hounded by Jews for his controversial views and teachings. Rejected by Jews, Saint Paul turned his attention towards Gentiles who accepted him as an Apostle of Jesus and adapted his contentious teachings which are questionable and debatable even today.

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