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    Susan Sathyavel

ISBN: 978-93-90432-43-1
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Love is Life

by: Susan Sathyavel


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About This Book
    Hello, my beloved readers, I hope you would love this book. This book will help you in all the situations of life and will make you understand the importance of Love. My concept about changing this world through Love would seem to be impractical but will surely work only if you fully understand the script and take it into work. Everything is about Love in this book. Love is the only thing which makes us live. There is no need of any division among us, because we all are united in humanity, and our only religion is Love. Therefore, Love everyone and spread only Love and happiness. For we don’t know whether our life is short or long, but it is our duty to make it beautiful Love is Life and Life is Love. Life starts, where Love lives. And Life continues, where Love never ends.
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ISBN: 978-93-90432-43-1
SKU: 4812
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 56

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Susan Sathyavel is a new young author who still goes to school. She starts her life of an author having this book as her dawn. She has been striving hard for since two years to outset this book and finally has inaugurated it. She loves to write imaginary articles and strong thoughtful poems and messages which can come true. She has gone through certain things and has come out with a creative book. Her dream is only to reach everyone’s hearts with her creative thoughts; and she hopes that you readers may fulfill it. Her only concept is Love, and every living thing has love in it. But humans lack some of Love; some other things overtake the Love. Therefore, she wants everyone to understand and intake the Love.

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“Love is Life”

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