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    This book is the first publication of Imran Ahmad Sheikh. This expresses the spectrum of emotions and feelings. The book is short but posses endless deep meaning in every word which probably needs serious readers to go through that having the great art of ingenuity. moreover, this book has been written in the simplest common words for a better understanding of common masses as well. We believe that this book, through its every single word will surely make a bridge for taking you to the world of love and jubilance. If you engross yourself only in one of its poems with far vision, it will mark indelible marks on your heart and mind. Hope you will love the book.
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    Hello, my beloved readers, I hope you would love this book. This book will help you in all the situations of life and will make you understand the importance of Love. My concept about changing this world through Love would seem to be impractical but will surely work only if you fully understand the script and take it into work. Everything is about Love in this book. Love is the only thing which makes us live. There is no need of any division among us, because we all are united in humanity, and our only religion is Love. Therefore, Love everyone and spread only Love and happiness. For we don’t know whether our life is short or long, but it is our duty to make it beautiful Love is Life and Life is Love. Life starts, where Love lives. And Life continues, where Love never ends.
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    The book intends to explore about today’s life which is evident from the title of the book. The book is an effort to express the truths of life in a beautiful manner and therefore they have been expressed through poetry. The poems are in all forms including ghazal, muktak and free verses. It explores love, philosophy, life, patriotism, nature, social media and ecstacy…. Among others. It has been the endeavour of the author to strike a chord with common people and the joys and emotions felt by all of us in everyday life. Feel free to express yourself about the book as this will help in writing better next time and every time. Consider yourself a part of the project called Hansta Hua DP.

    Hansta Hua DP by: Mukesh Anand 199.00
  • MY LOVE PROPOSAL ( మై లవ్ ప్ర పోజల్ ) by: D. MAHADHAR 129.00

    Everyone has a different emotional feelings in their mind.  Such as life is a group of emotional feelings. But no matter how many feelings there are in life. The feelings of LOVE is beautyfull wonderful, and great full. That’s is my feeling emotion. A kind of emotion that
    Doesn’t reach  whenif reaches the destination in the  emotional emotional life of love, anyway I propose that I give you a Rose flower made in history feeling such love is a kind of emotion if it is in the mind a kind  when it comes outlt. Will be like a war with , Navarasana will be drunk. Called love while doing so.  There are a lott of pictorial girls, boy, Red in mind so that’s how the kick would be. If you Read these 11 LOVE STORIES of mine every bridal love that happens in the world  wants to set married hoping that this word will turn into a love and be happy for the rest of life yours sincerely. Tq. 

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