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    DR. P. S. RAMANI

ISBN: 9789390380589
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by: DR. P. S. RAMANI


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    In today’s fast moving world, generally people are stressed and particularly, the professionals. They are looking for a way where can they find some solace. The book is but an attempt to analyse the characters in given personality and give an explanation as to their origin in them. Lastly, a solution has been described but the author wants the readers that to achieve success in any mission that one undertakes, it is very important to possess a. intense desire; b. tanacity; c. will power; d. hard work; e. sacrifice, etc. It is then very easy to mould one’s genes and adopt new way of life in keeping in today’s social structure and respecting humanity, tolerance and social bonding.The book is deliberately written in a simple language so that every reader can appreciate it and when felt necessary, start utilising its content to achieve success, contentment and happiness in life.

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ISBN: 9789390380589
SKU: 4132
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 198

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Dr P S Ramani is a senior consultant neuro-spinal surgeon and Gomant Vibhushan awardee by govt. of Goa. He has retired from several hospitals in Mumbai but is still very active at Lilavati hospital and research centre. He is the founder of Neuro-spinal surgeons association of India and his birth date is celebrated as "neuro-spinal day" in India and several countries abroad. He was president of World federation of neurosurgeons- spine committee for 8 years. He is the first asian to be awarded Paul bucy best teacher award from USA. He is author of 65 books: both medical and social.

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