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    “In this story, a father adopted an amazing new tactic to improve his son’s future and to enhance his personality by becoming a protective shield of his son, and that father always became ‘The Helmet Man’ for his son.The story will link the bonds of unwavering trust between our relationships.This book will give a sense of the creation of a better life and a wonderful power,which the author has put on the pages with great vigor”

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    “This book is very useful for each student, each parents and every family. It
    describes the systematic approach to create interest in study to achieve high level
    success in their academic study life. Every student is capable. It explains what are
    the basic need and qualities are required to become a common student to a
    master student. The process of transformation is explained in a very simple
    manner considering the student approach. The book is based of fundamental
    principles and Indian culture which binds to students in a good character. It is a
    self-help book to shape the student carrier in better way. Current generation has
    more interest in social media and smart phones. This book is for creating the
    robust and sustainable operating system of soft skills within the student which
    can capable to adopt any atmosphere in good manner.”

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    “The nineteenth century is an important milestone in the history of India. In this century, economic and administrative policies of British rule gave a new direction to the social changes in India. A new transformative stream would emerge that brought about radical changes in Indian society. This means that the Enlightenment era has come all over India. Enlightenment is the process of awakening the society intellectually and scientifically. It was a broad and evolutionary movement that moved India from the Middle Ages to modernity. This movement includes religion, social system, culture, literature, and art, etc. began to become widely known in the field. The winds of nationalism started flowing in India.

    A newspaper is an effective tool for enlightenment. To that end, Tilak’s newsletters have played a vital role in fostering the movement for independence through effective dialogue with social issues and public welfare.

    Thinking of the nineteenth century in a broad and comprehensive sense and setting the history. The work of Lokmanya Tilak’s newspaper is a great inspiration and example for today’s newspapers. The book would help Lokmanya Tilak’s effective ideas of nationalist and social enlightenment to solve arising questions that have been created in the society and would play a strong, independent, effective role in today’s newspapers. There of the present media should work in tandem to the 19th century Tilak’s journalistic ideas.”

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    Motivation BOOKIFIED!!!! Warning: Reading this book might make you quit your job!! ONLY FOR RISK TAKERS!!! (If you don’t like to take risks and if you are the kind to take life as it comes, and feel that a book or any kind of motivation is not necessary, NEVER even think of buying this book.) Strictly not for the so-called ‘conventional thinkers.’ This is only for those who look at life as an adventure. So, basically, it is not for people like my father, who are so accustomed to the normal and mediocre living pattern that let alone a book, not even the author can change the way they think. This book contains hands-on suggestions and tips to a successful and happy life by the world’s first and only mystic to become an international pop icon. Inside, you will find stories of his life, his struggles, and much more intriguing stuff in his own words.

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    “God’s sorrow is a true form journey of life to human to know the truth of life , the purpose of which is only to establish humanity in Nature.This book will provide true form and true direction to human life.Though this book , a human will know the real purpose of their life and he will work in the right direction in order to make it successfull.”

    God’s Sorrow by: SUJEET KUMAR 2,500.00
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