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    Smt. Ramamani Pattnayak, Dr. Sachchidanand Padhi,

ISBN: 9789390034116
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Shreemad bhagwad geeta

by: Smt. Ramamani Pattnayak, Dr. Sachchidanand Padhi,


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    “Bhagvat gita is known as the song of god.It is a sequel of questions and answers between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, who wanted to quit the battle of Mahabharata when he realized that he had to fight against his own kith and kin . Lord Krishna answering all questions and clearing all confusions of Arjuna, advised him to do his duty by overcoming his emotions for the wellness of the human being . These advises are so apt and relevant even today.They are guiding principles an ordinary person must learn and follow to understand his purpose of life, duties and karma. One must cultivate knowledge to perform his karma and knowledge needs good health and mind. Above all, submission to super power without too much thinking about results while performing one’s duty will add to the betterment of the whole human kind.

    This book is written in simple Hindi language to reach out to the common people who can read and understand its morale well and practice them in their day to day life.”

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ISBN: 9789390034116
SKU: 3616
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 158

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“Shreemad bhagwad geeta”

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