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    This book looks into the narrative of Buddhism that it is about an account of two thousand and six hundred years ago when Buddha was conceived who later on became one of a kind psychotherapist. It further illuminates the concept and purpose of Buddhism is not as philosophy only rather the practical and authentic way of life also within the circumference of the Nature. The people in general have been taught and made convinced that the Buddhism is an atheistic philosophy whereas it does not concern whether there is the existence of God or not rather the human being and other creatures have been suffering. Practical ways and methods with regard intuition and meditation have been explored through Zen Buddhism. More over the impression and influence are perfectly contained in the fictions which the author has selected to be contemplated for research work in hand.

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    “Bhagvat gita is known as the song of god.It is a sequel of questions and answers between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, who wanted to quit the battle of Mahabharata when he realized that he had to fight against his own kith and kin . Lord Krishna answering all questions and clearing all confusions of Arjuna, advised him to do his duty by overcoming his emotions for the wellness of the human being . These advises are so apt and relevant even today.They are guiding principles an ordinary person must learn and follow to understand his purpose of life, duties and karma. One must cultivate knowledge to perform his karma and knowledge needs good health and mind. Above all, submission to super power without too much thinking about results while performing one’s duty will add to the betterment of the whole human kind.

    This book is written in simple Hindi language to reach out to the common people who can read and understand its morale well and practice them in their day to day life.”

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    This book is about the Indian culture and practices and the embedded science in it. It shows how India used to be “Vishwa Guru” and how scientific is our cultural heritage

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    This book gives you the authentic information and references to religion and theology, All religion based on the human values and humanity, but same geographical, socio-cultural differences build-up different religion and religious value, but according to the sociological aspect- ‘religion is an Institution for every human behaviour and there socialization’, although religion breaks all barriers of society including socio-cultural, racial and political. Religion based on the ‘whole worlds is a family’ (Mahopnishada chap,. 04, shloka 71) and we are all the different Unit of one tree. Religion and society book the Classic genre book, the book are based in a classic method and set in the cultural-religious decades. Religion and Society genuinely takes knowledge in the very authentic information of the theology

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    Hindi writing started from 1921-22 in the era of Shadowism. His works were published in the main paper magazines of India and Burma country since that time. Other published books along with publication in monthly and weekly magazine magazines:
    1. Disclosure Story, Volume Poetry, 1926
    2. Tweet story collection, 1932
    3. Old age bag, children’s story, 1933
    4. Navodita Collection, 1944
    5. Solitary Poetry Collection, 1953
    4. Moon laughed, 1960
    4. Mem saheb, novel, 1968
    4. Songs of Solitude, English Volume Poetry, 1964
    4. Veil of the Moon, novel, 1963
    10. Pyaar Never Paraya, novel, 1964
    11. Prakrit-Purusha, epic, 1976
    12. Char castle of magic
    13. Biography of Dharmarathi Sikh Guru Govind Singh (in verse)
    They had four sons and two daughters. I am dedicating his third son, Dr. Ratnendra Kumar Mishra, to his late mother Princess Mishra by tearful eyes.

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    I am especially grateful to the great saint Mr. Abhilash Sahab, whose philosophy and soft words inspired me for this great work. But I am especially thankful to the founder of the International Krishna Bhavnamrita Sangh, the great scholar and a visionary Shri Shrimad A. C. Bhakti Vedant Swami Prabhupada ji whose precious work made this difficult work easy. By the way, it would be my audacity to say even less about the contribution of Srimad Bhagavadgita Bhashya published from GitaPress.

    However, lack of education and lack of resources also created mental barriers. There was also fear in my mind that due to the lack of education, should any publication publish this work of mine or not. But I am thankful to Bluerose Publishers from the bottom of my heart, which not only got me excited but also published it and also guided me for the publication.

    Srimad Bhagavad Gita is a unique book. This is spirituality, this is science, this is the complete solution to human curiosities. Then, how can it be possible for a human like me to write about a book whose words contain the summary of all the major Hindu scriptures? This is a trivial effort of mine and how successful I have been in this is to be tested on the affection of my learned readers. So, keeping this in front of the readers, I am heartfully grateful to them

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