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    Vikas Singh

ISBN: 9789353474928
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Subtle topics of Massive Life

by: Vikas Singh
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    This book is not like other novels that start at a certain point and end at a certain point – it is about an ongoing phenomenon like love, in which lovers perish, but love continues. This book focuses more on the subtle topics of life that people usually skip and go on choosing to suffer for centuries, due to poor vision. Today life too has become a matter of great confusion and suffering for humankind. If you see, you will find that more than eighty percent of the population is confused about the authentic and virginal meaning of divine love, emotions, teenage, life and so on. I feel it is my duty to give the world a different kind of thinking and mind, and the greatest gift of life – the nectar of silence, love and joyfulness. I want to show the world the reasons behind the subtle slights of their anxiety, fury, and joviality. I want to introduce you to yourself – to your own being. There was a need to write something like this because, in this era, mankind is so busy making themselves strong from the outside, but they forget the authentic nature of existence, and that until they do not become strong from within, they cannot become strong on the outside either.

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ISBN: 9789353474928
SKU: 2804
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 129

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Vikas Singh is a scholar of philosophy. He is the son of a middle-class man and lives in South Delhi. Apart from this, he is also a fitness junkie, a public speaker, counselor, and a fine writer. He started writing when he was in the eighth grade and has been appreciated on several occasions. He likes reading authentic and spiritual books that provide the honest truth about God and Creation and of life itself.

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