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    The book is an amazing thriller and is a must read!! Hurry up! Grab your copy today!

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    Plunder of wealth of our huge reserve of forests and how the flora and fauna which are so meaningful to our very existence are decimated by a few of their narrow ends is retold in this story. Two young lovers Gopi and Kishen who lived in the village Narayanpur in the borderland of two States near a forest zone, fell victims to the evil design of the decadent Raja Saheb, the local Zamindar.The life of the girl Gopi, a picture of pure innocence was nipped in the bud by the villain, who paid with his life at the hands Kishen.The story takes a violent turn at this point.The Novel is replete with romantic and adventurous scenes, picturesque description of jungle and wildlife and splendors of waterfalls.And what went on inside a huge and mysterious globe in the deep forest which had potential to shake the world, will only be revealed if one goes through the Novel. Grab this book today! Hurry Up!

    Aranyaka by: KALI PRASAD RATH 310.00
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    Munnakembutha (munna- silence and kembutha- a bird name which brings luck). This story starts in mysore, a Doctor by name Vishnu who is doing post graduate in a medical college, with three of his friends and his brother they plan to go on a adventures trip i., to a haunted place, where people used to sacrifice teenage girls and people who go there to know what exactly happening, they never come back. No one knows what happened to them and what is going on. Knowingly they all will be decided to go there. The whole story revolves around a little bit of doctors life, how is the bonding between each other and will they able to come back again. Finally, what is mystery out there?

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    Being psycho, this pocket sized book is an amazing psycho killer love story. It revolves around Harsh, Siya and Rahul. Harsh is working in resort as junior manager and he is seems jovial in his own world. Later on he fell in love with siya, she is working under him. But they both catches the evil eyes of rahul. Rahul and harsh were colleague, and both started loving siya, and she is unknown of it. Love had created a big wall, a wall of abominate and resentment between harsh and rahul. Time passed and one bad accident materialize and changed their life’s. For harsh, revenge is only weapon to express his emotion. “Revenge is the purest emotion.” -Mahabharat

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    One Rain Drop is a scientific thriller.One can travel with the characters till the end and get thrilled. Go and grab this amazing thriller today and experience the thrill.

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