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    Hussain Ali

ISBN: 978-19-45604-86-7
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The First Word

by: Hussain Ali
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    Poetry is the language of romance and philosophy. It conveys the words of an angry breeze. It is written on the foundations of mountains. And it can be the voice of a silent man. Husain Ali brings you his collection of poetry, where the words sing happy songs on lush green hills under a yellow sun, waft across cafes in Paris, carry the aroma of cinnamon and coffee, lament over the loss of friends and lovers and take you across Mongolian landscapes. There are words that weave a world free of hatred and chaos, tensions and wars. There are words of dreams and intergalactic travels. These poems simply ask you to connect with your feelings and let your imagination run wild.

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ISBN: 978-19-45604-86-7
SKU: 1148
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2017
Page Count: 155

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