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    Congratulations!, Mere hearing this word, we starts diving in the ocean of fantasies and optimism; like something good has happen. And our mind starts focusing on all the positive encounters which were experienced recently. We become goal oriented. On contrary to it whenever we encounter some bad news, catastrophe, failures or negative situations; then also our mind registers all those scenarios and it may focus on negativity and reinforces our beliefs to feel like a loser or a failure. These are just the THOUGHTS which our mind gets every now and then. This book is all about what we think, how we think and how those THOUGHTS impacts us. Through THOUGHT PROCESS I am trying to demonstrate the impact of thoughts on our life. Prior starting any personal or professional assignment, we think of it. Any creation that exists today was once a thought in someone’s mind. A good running business was an idea(a thought in someone’s mind). This whole
    universe which is the creation of almighty power (God), prior creating this universe God also thought to create. Once upon a time, this book used to be a THOUGHT in my mind. Now then as it is on papers it has become a creation. Thought process is about the quality of thinking that differs from individual to individual. How different thoughts impacts lives differently. How a positive thought leads us to achieve progress and prosperity, on contrary to it a negative thought encounters us criticism and leads us to nowhere in our life.

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ISBN: 978-93-90432-73-8
SKU: WB-4908
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 104

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
I was born and brought up in Gurugram in a small midst family. I was an intelligent and a good student from my childhood time. My relatives had a developed thought process about me and a perception that I will achieve something immense one day. However many a time, I tend to forget things. Due to this Forgetfulness, I kept on losing my confidence, as I continuously encountered failures in every venture of my life. I enrolled for professional courses and failed many times. Joined lots of jobs and was never satisfied with my jobs and felt like my jobs are full of envy. Since my childhood time I had a passion for doing my own business, however being born in a poor family, due to lack of funds and absence of parents got behind for business, I joined service industry. I have worked with BPO, Banking, Insurance Underwriting, Mutual Fund, Telecom, Retail and Accounting sector. However was not satisfied with jobs as my THOUGHT PROCESS was provoking me that I should do my own business. Due to this thought, somehow I took my jobs for granted and failed in every job I did. Got terminated from jobs, due to bad performance in corporate. I was put into performance improvement plans. I tried Financial Planning business and failed, tried cafe business and failed, tried online business and failed, played chess at nationals and International open level and failed there also. I lost all of my money in options and stock market which I pulled in from my jobs. I borrowed money from bank and lost that money and left with no source of income. I landed myself between a rock and a hard place. Received a lot of criticism and almost lost my identity and existence. Still I did not lost my courage for learning something new, I did not lost my courage for starting my own business, courage to do what I want. It was my THOUGHT PROCESS that let me hold on to my nerves.

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