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    Aishwarya Suri

ISBN: 9789354728440
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by: Aishwarya Suri


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ISBN: 9789354728440
SKU: 6465 H
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2021
Page Count: 76

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Travel is in my blood (not saying for the heck of it, it actually is). It’s just the idea of visiting a new place that makes me want to jump out of my bed and go away. The reason for this: probably the kind of person I am, the circumstances, opportunities, exposure and experiences I got. Is this love that I have for travel any different from what others have? I don’t think so, maybe I just got more opportunities that helped me recognise this and here I am writing about this love. Initially, traveling was just about going away and having a good time. Now, I see traveling as an opportunity to see a new place, meeting new people and knowing their culture. It is all about change and change is all we need in today’s world, whether in businesses, houses, cars, people, friends, in anything and everything. The city of New Delhi is what I call home and the city of London, my second home. For me there is a lot in common between the two cities. From hustle-bustle, mayhem, people, fashion, markets and businesses to being a perfect mix of the good and the bad, these cities are iconic in themselves. Okay, maybe that’s my love that is making me marvel about these two, but I am sure, most of the people will have similar thoughts. Coming from an Economics background, it was a complete turnaround for me when I switched to Management for my Masters. What next, I opened a restaurant chain named Dramz, a fashion label and now doing a travel magazine, who knows, what next

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