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  • Samasamayik Kahaniyan by:  Amrendra Kumar 236.00

    The present book is a collection of short stories that delve deeper into the various aspects of each and every section of society in the Corona period.

  • STUPID LAWYER by: Ashok Bhasin 449.00

    Chetan Mohan, a naval engineer, was falsely implicated in a case and was convicted by the trial court without appreciating the facts. Bhavika, a young lawyer got him acquitted from High Court but that took a long five years’ time to conclude that Chetan was innocent. He came out of jail and started meeting all those powerful persons, whom he thought were behind his wrongful confinement. He had two queries in his mind, one, why he was arrested and two, why he didn’t get justice from judicial system. Meera, a crime reporter helped him by way of exposing those powerful persons.

    After fifteen days of his release, a dead body with mutilated face was found. On follow up, police found a suicide note written by Chetan. ACP was asked not to do the investigation, as the suicide note named a person sitting in a powerful position. ACP was not happy. He took services of Rajbir, an SIO, posted at DRI to uncover the mystery of dead body. Rajbir started collecting the evidences discretely.

    Meera confronted the ACP. She on her own aggressively investigated the matter. She got the copy of suicide note and some more clues from ‘a source’ and finally came across a document, which helped her to find the truth. Who was this source? Bhavika made a stupid mistake. What was the mistake? Did the mistake went unnoticed? What happened to those powerful persons? The plot unfolds.

  • INSIGHT INTO BIOPLASTICS A simple guide to bioplastics by: Dr. Radha Palaniswamy, Harsini Venkatachalam & Dr. Mangesh VL 180.00

    This book is an eye-opener for many of us who never bothered to think where the junk chips cover or the coke tin was going to? The milkshake plastic container or the stylish straw which goes into the dustbin travels a long way and lives a life 2 or 3 times more than our life. Some of the plastics do not get degraded even after 200 years. So this adds to the junk on mother earth. How are we going to design our present world to bring down the use of plastic. There comes the role of bioplastics, the fancy word of today. Well, what is this , are there types, is it going to do some good to us or same as plastics? How are these bioplastic made, the chemistry behind the structure and the types are explained well. It is lucid and easy to understand even for a beginner. There are so many international standards and communities working towards this. A brief note on the international standards are also described in this book. It is indeed a short journey from the birth of bioplastics to the future of this world with the applications of the same in all dimensions.

  • ALLEGED by: Mayra 290.00

    What do you do when your best friend dies mysteriously? You don’t go on an adventure to find her killer. Niki and her new friends go on finding Irene’s killer, when Niki’s sister ends up on the front porch of death, what will they do now? Escape Jess or find the killer? Or both? Finding the killer might not be as shocking as they anticipated and the repercussions might be worse. Will Niki end up in the same place as her sister or be tortured in the web of lies and reality spun together by their closed ones.

    Everyone might not be as simple as they seem, they all have secrets, ones that could destroy friendships, relationships, and families.

  • SINNERS by: Dibyasree Nandy 200.00

    This book consists of a single long poem divided into six parts, each analyzing a different form of evil and the reasons behind such acts. Every portion has a protagonist, in other words, six various protagonists or ‘sinners’ are highlighted and their journeys through life are described, sometimes with hypothetical evidences, sometimes with metaphors.

  • GOOD LIFE WITH MATSOGI DO by: Vikrant Tiger 350.00

    This is an inspirational book. The good life book encourages you and takes you on a future journey that alerts you about your health. How can you live a good life and see yourself succeed. Your children will get better manners by reading the book. This book sprouts as a seed of sacraments to improve the lives of your children. When your children study and they adopt the sacraments, you will get the sweet fruits of their praise from society. The author has put his 25 years of experience into this book. This book will make you know a new definition of martial arts and its mystery knowledge. After reading a book you will find yourself living as a successful person. How your children can focus on studies. How to bring better results in every field. This book will encourage them and work to make them successful. If you are lacking good ideas in your life then you should also read this book. Because this is the book, which you will definitely want to read once in your life. If you can give a better opinion on the issues people discuss and you should read this book once.

  • Project Report Essentials for a small business by: Yasmin Rizwan 200.00

    Entrepreneurship has often been highlighted as a panacea for challenges. Many people invest in small businesses hoping to make it big. The objective of this book is to help them understand the nuances of making a project report for a small business. This book guides them by providing information in a lucid and concise way so that they can understand the concepts as well as the practical aspects and put them to use.

  • Who Wonder Why by: Anisha Gupta 297.00

    A book that talks about how you feel, which makes you feel normal to feel anxious and to talk about your is about the unsaid feelings which become so heavy for us, that we end up bottling the feelings which hurt us in great masses. Talking about feelings is always the best gesture whether it be some romantic feelings or it was anxiety, I always consider them to be spoken which is why this book comes out and speaks on my and your behalf.

  • Maa by: Kavita Jain 786.00

    This book portrays the relationship of the author with her mother in the form of poetry. The book uses a simple style to make it an easy read while slowly adding thicker and thicker layers of Poetry.

  • Arcane by: Eeshan Chandra 249.00

    This book depicts the journey of life, wherein the cards are, from time to time, thrown at you and me. It is a collection of musings that deals with a wide plethora of emotions – pain, strength, sadness, and hope. These musings have been inspired by real-life, but are in no way, limited to the author. Emotions portrayed in the book have been felt or been seen by everyone sometime.

  • Yadon ki Pagdandiya by: Dr. Hemlata Dikhit 200.00

    In Yadon ki Pagdandiyan, an autobiography of Doc. Hemlata Dikhit, the Author has sketched her experiences in her life and called them ‘ attempt to study ‘. She has attempted to share with the reader what she has learned from life and different people who came across her with the flow of time. Each chapter unfolds to the reader new learnings gathered by the author as life lessons.

  • Ghar ki Chhavni- The Home Brigade by: Dr. Hemlata Dikhit 350.00

    In this book, Dr. Hemlata Dikhit describes the commitment and service of her father and other family member for the beloved motherland. The traditions of Indian Army and its services for the country is well described in this book. Her book etches the landscape of time with people of the past, Indore of bygone times with its traditions in great minute details, and bridges the hiatus as it takes the reader forward to the modern times and its challenges. It captures a time span of hundred years as it takes you forward through her pages. It takes you in the journey of a family who made the ultimate sacrifice of life to establish world peace as part of peace keeping Force of United Nations.

  • Jugalbandi (Hindi) by: Aryama Sanyal 399.00

    In this book, the author through her poems and short stories gives the reader a peek into the world of Aviation and Airport. The poems take you through a journey of her stay and work at Indore Airport.

    The stories are of people who work at the Airport for passenger facilitation and about their day-to-day experiences which as a passenger the reader may not able to experience.

  • YORI PABED by: Dr. Debapi Roy 250.00

    A life cannot be encapsulated in a few thousand words. The extent of transformation both physically and mentally is massive and totally unforeseeable. It is a journey which is on track for six decades now , accepting and rejecting individuals, beliefs and dimensions. The story of a firebrand leftist turning into a critical nationalist … a juvenile poet into a part time writer…a surgeon and an entrepreneur with a tryst of life time romanticism …and the chronicle of all who came into his life…some left, some were lost, few remain ,some others are still to join the saga of Yori Pabed, my partner in the subconscious!

  • Food History 101: Fragments of Culinary History (Hardbound) by: The Holy Chef 358.00

    Do you ever wonder where the most popular foods came from? Did you know that pasta wasn’t actually from Italy? Did you know that ice cream was invented in China? If you want to know the answers to these questions, please do consider reading the book. Over the course of the book, we slowly unravel the mystery of the origins of various food items. Some inventions were accidental while some were intentional. In this book, we will discuss 10 of the most popular foods and their origin. We discuss the people that pioneered the inventions and also the people that popularised them. So join me on this journey as we crack the code of our culinary history.

  • Meenakshi (Hindi) by: Aarav Mishra 200.00

    There were rules for women’s protection, but some rules, some sections were always spent on paper and false arguments of the court. The remaining rules were crushed by the people of our society called social. Some customs were made according to the environment of the country and time, but going ahead, these evil practices were put on the forehead of the woman by putting ‘tradition’s stamp’. Even today the fetters of those evil practices could not free women’s feet. Not knowing how many Meenakshi, Jhunian, Sulekha and Basanti died under these evil practices.
    Do not know the sting of child marriage, the bodies of many were hollowed out. The passing of a man before a woman became a stigma for a woman. The poor woman’s body was covered with the riches of sexual exploitation.
    Blessed is the woman who remained alive even without a body.

  • Lee Maracle’s writings: A Spider Continuum by: Dr. Anju Bala 310.00

    This book is an outcome of my deep observations of Lee Maracle’s first-hand experience with racism, cultural discrimination, traditional spiritual beliefs besides infringement of social and political sovereignty of the Aboriginal. I venture to explain in this book, how Lee has sincerely represented the ‘Native’ world, once misinformed and misrepresented; how Lee struggled with honor for native womanhood/sisterhood, and her hope for the unity of humanity beyond the colonizer and the colonized, us and them, binaries.


    An Appealing Adventure!
    Yaay! The vacations have begun! Gary has just completed his graduation and he is getting some rest there by sitting in his cozy armchair in the courtyard. But, that’s when things start getting weird. Gary and his companion Geremy discover the secret of the ‘Elixir of Immortality,’ made by his parents. The elixir can turn one into an immortal, against the laws of nature! But, the problem is, his Grandpa’s friend. Tremor Helios is in the rush to get it himself! The elixir is hidden in the deep jungles of the Sionnah’s.
    Through the dense jungles, the wildest of animals, the creepiest of insects, can Gary reach the elixir before Tremor and save the Roosevelt Village?

  • Unfortunate love by: Angraj Waghmare 349.00

    This book is about a few people who live their lives happily until some unfortunate events change their life stories forever and pave the way for bloodshed. You will find a love story in it, but it ends in an unfortunate manner. Everyone tries to protect their loved ones for which even innocent people are killed. People stop living their lives once they want revenge from someone and this is what you will find in this book.

  • SURTI FANSI SANSAAR MAI (HINDI) by: Hirambar Naam (Subodh Prasad) 243.00

    It’s a spiritual book based on the practical teaching of a perfect master. It is the experience of a master in his super conscious state of mind called Samadhi.

  • Tender Ponder Wonder by: Rutuja Joshi 249.00

    Who doesn’t love creative plays! But to be honest we parents never have a lot of free time. So in this book I have come up with the activities using materials that are easily available at home which makes it incredibly easy to set up the activity and is super fun and engaging for the kids too. Your children will definitely learn something along the way but what’s more important is not how much they excel with the concepts, but about developing the curiosity in the little minds, as it is the best way to learn and have fun together. Our emphasis is strongly on family bonding and spending quality time together and explore the joy of learning.

    Instagram- ruhi_ruhaan_
    Facebook- Ruhi Ruhaan
    YouTube- Wonder world of Ruhi Ruhaan

  • Decoding The Heart Winning Personality by: Owais Khan 370.00

    This book offers practical advice using very easy language for the reader’s understanding. There is a world of difference between impressing people and winning their hearts. The Almighty has gifted everyone with a unique personality. After reading this book, you can refine it. The expectation from this book should be that it will help you improve your personality in general and shall give you varied tools to make your life better. This means that it will focus on personal growth. You shall be handed practical solutions to difficult problems of life, and these solutions will help you win people’s hearts. This book is neither gender-specific nor age-related. Any person, male or female, young or old, educated or skilled will find relevant tips and advice in this book. In short, this book will let you stand out from the crowd.

  • Tales of A legal Alien Stories of Black Student in Mumbai by: Dut Alsherif 250.00

    Tales of a Legal Alien explores and pinpoints the anecdotes from the life of a student – a foreign student in India, Mumbai in particular. It brings to light the support the author received from his new friends and college staff. It reveals some of the most good-hearted and most generous Indians the author met and whose special treatment of him gives him a different and better way of looking at India. The book also points to a few moments where the author has been truly treated as an alien on the streets of the city of Mumbai.

  • Sanskrit Praveshika (Hindi) by: Sangeeta Trivedi 140.00

    The book is very useful for students who start sanskrit in their life, basic concepts is very clear, Just read and get full marks..


    According to Elizabeth Barret Browning “No man can be called friendless who had God and companionship of good books”. “Glitters of Creative Writers” is such a wonderful book sharing friendly thoughts in the form of poems from different minds. The book has a collection of poems written by seventy-three poets. Each poet presents two poems in different themes with their short bio-line. They are all the members of the group “Creative Writers” group administrated by Mrs. D.Brinda via WhatsApp. She identified the glittering sparks from the members and gathered them here as an anthology of poems. Most of the poets are teachers from various schools and colleges, and a few students also contributed. Hope this book of glittering verses wipes the darkness and gives freshness to move further. After reading this collection of poems, you will be inspired to read and write your views in your own style – the best book for all the age groups to read and gift. Also, it adds beauty to your own bookshelf or your institution’s library. A loose coterie of writers linked by WhatsApp headed by Mrs. Brinda named as Creative Writers which became very famous group in Tamilnadu in the 21st century. Poets from different parts of the state and countries contribute poems to weave as a book. This book has been compiled with the writings of many profound poets of the creative writers WhatsApp group. This new book entitled as “Glitters of Creative Writers” is decorated with verses.

  • Profound soul Feelings and Emotions of teenagers by: Palak Mahna, Sneha ghosh, Mehak Bhatia, Siddharth arora Utsav saini, Pragya Sharma, Kanishk guglani, Vaishali, Ayush & pallavi singh 249.00

    Do you feel like your feeelings are trapped ? Do you want to express your feelings through words? This E-Booklet contains numerous poetry and shayaris by budding writers , who expressed their feelings and emotions through their writings.

  • KYA KHOOB GAYE (Hindi) by: Yukti Kundra 150.00

    Kya Khoob Gaye is Yukti Kundra’s first Hindi poetry collection on the theme of love. A girl’s journey from leaving home to work in a new city where she meets her lover and talks about how the society sees them. Kya Khoob Gaye is a collection of crazy emotions, love, and questions put together in a form of a story broken into poetry to connect with your heart.

  • The Mist A collection of short poems by: Shelva Suresh Thachayil 150.00

    “Innocent drops of rain makes almost all the events quiet natural” This collection is an experience that comes to mind with some pictures. If often helps to overcome the difficulties of human life. State of happiness is something that everyone needs in daily life. This may have an image which is able to influence an ordinary women with a lot of difficulties like me or it may have a selection of mind or a miracle or a dream.

  • Swayamsiddha by: Shubhada Mishra 450.00

    The novel “Swayamsiddha” is about the struggle of a woman who has deep rooted moral values. She is incidentally trapped in such a corrupt society where a person having moral values is awfully discarded and badly tortured. But after a long struggle how she overcomes her adversaries is a thing to be read.

  • What are the animals up to? by: Aadya Upadhyay 270.00

    The book is a collection of four short stories with an interesting animal character at the center of each story and lots of other animal characters in the supporting roles. As the title suggests, each story unfolds itself into a captivating narrative of what is happening in the lives of Blanca, the camel; Karkataka, the crab; Henry, the hippo and Bob, the blob fish in the animal world. The stories have their own essence and speak about the bond of friendship and trust, the show of valor and courage in times of dire need, how procrastination can cause disappointments and also about dreams and self- belief. The eye- catching and colourful illustrations are enchanting and enhance the reader’s experience throughout.

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