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  • Crime – The Economic Wolf by: Sourav Banerjee and Namrata Kanungo 150.00

    Crime and its impact on the economy have been vastly researched and published several times. So repetition is not the motive of the book. In Module one, crime is defined in a unique manner. Whatever is not justified, is an injustice. And injustice is a crime. So crime is not only viewed from its legal perspective. Moral, philosophical, sentimental, social, and economic perspectives of crime are also portrayed; that may or may not have a penal code. In module two, a direct cause and effect relationship is established between crime and five indicators of economic development – Per capita income, distribution of wealth, opportunity cost, economic loss, and economic productivity. Apart from a detailed and interesting discussion on crime and criminology, the foresaid matter makes the book completely unique and thought-provoking. Which type of crime impacts which economic dimension most, is what is studied thoroughly in the book.

  • Statistical Inference: Theory of Estimation by: Prakash S. Chougule 497.00

    The book “Statistical Inference: Theory of Estimation” aims to help the student in gaining knowledge about Statistical Inference. This book contains five chapters like Point estimation, Likelihood function and Sufficiency, Cramer Rao Inequality, methods of estimation, and Interval estimation. Every chapter has been divided into several headings and sub headings to offer clarity and conciseness. The authors have tried his best to simplify units and are written in very simple and lucid language. so that the reader can get an intuitive understanding of the contains of the book. The number of examples included in the book will really make the study very easy and yet efficient. The question bank of simple and relative exercise included a lot of multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter is given which helps the students to evaluate themselves. The book will particularly help students of B.Sc. and M.Sc. statistics classes.

  • clover by: Nalini Shetty 225.00

    Clover’ is a collection of micro poetry. An assortment of emotions in words. Each poem reflects upon simple and sometimes intricate things of our everyday life spiked with the brevity of words.


  • Project Management Process by: A.Malleswara Rao 325.00

    Project Management process is mainly intended to serve as a general information guide for the young and fresh engineers who enter into the project management consultancy environment. The organizations may provide a broad outline of the project management in general during the induction program at the entry level. But it is still desirable to have a complete idea and total understanding of the project management functions on a day-to-day basis. This aspect of project management is highlighted in Part – A of this book.
    Part – A provides a bird’s eye view of the very beginning of the development of engineering as a profession, with a holistic view of traditional project management and the project scenarios, and project execution methods with an emphasis on how the project engineering is done? What are the basic steps in the Engineering Design Process? etc.
    Part – B is on the infrastructure engineering of a grass root mega project. This is an extension of the pre-project activities presented in Part–A. It is aimed at providing project management processes from ground preparation to setting up the required plant faculties. As quality is an essential part of the deliverable products and services, project quality and project engineering quality aspects are also presented as per Quality Systems Management System
    Requirements based on ISO 9001-2015..”

  • Sanghanit by: Deo Bihari Sharma 200.00

    This poetry book includes a total of sixty-two selected short poems written on different occasions in the last three years. They have been written under different moods, even under contradictory moods, so the search for any central thought in this book has no relevance. Again, poems are also not aimed at glorifying or condemning a person, group or situation.
    I have tried to give a flow to poems to make them entertaining. I have also tried to make it a literary product.
    Now, you have to judge the quality of my efforts.

  • Vikarna on a sunset road by: Ankan Jyoti Bharali 220.00

    There was a girl named Kavya, somewhere in IIT Kharagpur, enjoying her life.

    Here I am @nkan, somewhere in the unsettling chaos of life. Other than cracking the IIT exam, I did nothing worthy. I am just a failure at every step after joining IIT-KGP. I go to a psychotherapist every week. As you can see, I am in the mentally weak category student.

    One wintry night, she called me for a night walk. Hallelujah, it might be my head start to go ahead of friendship.

    That night, I never knew that my life would take a U-turn. From a beautiful night to a day the sun will never rise. No sunshine, no daylight, only the clouds of my sins, unrepentant.

    Sometimes I think I shouldn’t have done what I have promised myself.

    Why should I wait for the New Morning, when I can enjoy the Beauty of Sunset? Vikarna; that is what I call myself nowadays, the third brother of the evil spirit of Indian mythology.

  • Elixir to Young Life by: Vedant Dubey 195.00

    This book is an elixir for young people that unravels a hidden power and gives access to the ultimate knowledge of life. “Elixir to Young life” focuses on all characteristics a young person shall have in order to begin the journey of Reformation by revealing and delving into learning three steps i.e. Happiness, Money, and Love. It is based on the “Power of Realisation”, which is certainly a discovered yet unknown treasure of knowledge. The tangential touch of old scriptures makes it an admixture of knowledge, education, and spirituality that can be adopted by every young life to become a shining star.

  • RED CLIPPER by: Prasad Deshpande 250.00

    “Red Clipper An entertaining espionage story of a dangerous plot that can change the current world order. Few mentions of how the new spy network operates to make you think a lot of something in your life could be wrong… “

  • Velera-Exi: Mysteries of the Paradox Planets – Murder on Autarch 1 by: Andrea De Magistris & Michele Perni 400.00

    Friends since early childhood, the two Italian authors were always fascinated by Literature, in particular sci-fi, horror, and fantasy. As kids, they were highly inventive and competed with one another to see who could create the most incredible imaginary world, which most of the time was in a parallel universe or different era.

    As adults, the two authors embarked on different professional paths: Andrea set out to become a professional writer and has now been doing this for over a decade, while Michele started training to follow his other passion, science. During this time, however, the two authors kept in close contact and never stopped working on their dream to create a vast and fascinating story that would take place in an original universe, completely designed, and imagined by them.

    The idea for the “Velera-exi: mysteries of the paradox planets” Saga, took shape in late 1999 while becoming a reality in 2003, in a country house in Southern Italy. The authors’ dream was to create an original science fiction story that would also tackle some of the most important themes of our modern society, including pollution, corruption, religious belief, AI, and space exploration. The story grew from there, expanding into a much broader work. In 2019, almost 2 decades after their first sketch in a notebook, the two authors decided the script was finally completed, and their saga had a proper conclusion.

    It was time to start writing.

  • My Fiance’s Boyfriend by: Prasad Deshpande 250.00
  • My Googly Adventures by: Vrishank Pandey 200.00

    Quarantine has been boring but it’s worst for Vrishank as he has to refrain himself from screen and books as well….. He had to face wiggly doctors and imagined things to defeat his boredom…. This is the story of a seven-year-old’s googly adventure from this quarantine.

  • Khamosh Alfaaz by: Sarabjit kaur 205.00

    This book is quite old and was lying just in one of my rusted cupboards. It came outside in the open air. This is the gist of my very own life’s good and bad, sweet and sour experiences. This contains the wonderful feelings and emotions of each one of us we all feel and rather have the same experiences at different phases of life. Some taste it earlier and some later. In the end, we all become learners after passing these phases. These all poems are a quite beautiful compilation of life’s experiences. “jisse shayed zindagi kehte haii” ‘love you Zindagi”

  • 3000 Years of Karma Legacy- An Indian Baniya Story by: KIM Moon-Young 1,200.00

    As per the findings of the Korean author, the Indian business community of Baniyas i.e. Marwaris, Gujaratis, Jains, and others has ruled the Indian economy world for ages. These Baniya merchant groups with their origins in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and around are merely 2% (about 2.5 million) of the Indian population, and currently run 8-9 out of 10 top conglomerates in India.

    The author has credited Indian Baniyas and their 3000 years of Karma legacy for making India the economic superpower of the world. These Indian Baniya groups are and will remain dominant not only in traditional sectors but also in the new generation industries like IT-enabled e-commerce and other services.

    The book talks about the sacrifices made by this community, which forms the part of the global G3 (Great 3) merchant groups including Jewish and Chinese merchants who own a major chunk of business activity across the world. It shares characteristics with Korea’s merchant community, Gaesung Merchants also.

    The book narrates the core competency of the Indian Baniyas and NRIs to address and prosper with this huge and prosperous country.

    The content of this is based on the South Korean author’s years of research and first-hand experience while staying in Ahmadabad and parts of North India.

  • The Story by: Khan Sumbul Nazeer 428.00

    The Story’ tells about a girl named Alika in her early 20s. She runs into a charming personality businessman Wad. Who turned out to be a non-human. They got together but only for the time that is destined by Almighty. When Wad leaves Alika, to handle her grief alone then Nuwaisir became a shoulder on which Alika can load the burden of her pain. Hence love from the soul cannot be forgotten no matter what are the circumstances.

  • Meraki (A dreamer’s journey) by: Tavisshi Dhawan 200.00

    Meraki is a journey through one’s emotions. It is a compilation of honest and raw conversations with oneself. The book consists of four segments, each talking about a different emotion. Flowers represent these emotions, Purple hyacinths for sadness, red roses for love, Angelicas for inspiration, and Lavenders for happiness.

  • ADAMYA VICHAAR by: Nivedita Alexander 360.00

    The lessons and senses from experiences and observations are rhapsodically metrical with a touch of Parnassian feel, cultural hints, mystically inclined, and substantially presented. Inspiration driven from music, art, and nature too has been the keel and axis for the soothing effect. Questions are raised answers given, and solutions provided. Have you ever heard of myths and fiction being absolute certitude? Have you ever read a bitter truth that was finely aesthetic? Or seen a lie being graced and elevated, as vacuous being eminently publicized?
    In her first book, Nivedita Alexander has rendered this collection of poems to captivate everything that brings learning, thrill, and fascination. In a nutshell, this collection of Poems is a complete family book for all age groups.

  • Blackout (Pre-order) by: Arya Karwa 290.00

    Getting kidnapped on the last day of school is not how William Terren imagined his summer break would begin. After getting rescued by his dad, William discovers the true identity of his parents and is faced with a choice: to either continue with his normal life or join ORION, a secret intelligence agency that operates outside the boundaries of the law. Propelled into a world of danger and uncertainty, William finds himself working around the clock to save the city of Nashville.
    But after a shocking discovery reveals darker, more sinister forces at play, William must fight to survive. In this deadly contest with no holds barred, every decision will take its moral toll. Sometimes, you just don’t emerge the same.

  • Assorted Feelings by: Abbas Mehdi 235.00

    ASSORTED FEELINGS is a real-life experience, expressed in the form of poetry, short stories, and letters recorded by the author from his teenage to the late middle age, it’s an amalgamated vivid description of cheeky teenage franks, followed by interesting real stories. During his various challenging jobs and letters were written on the prevailing socio-economic and political scenario existing in the country during that time period. The real-life experiences can be enjoyed by a teenager, a working executive, and a social activist! is certainly not a fiction of concocted stories but a true life KHATTA MITHAA experiences penned in the form of poetry, stories, and letters originated in different places of the country at different junctures of life over a period of 30 years put together in ONE book. Besides the book consists 3 different ASSORTED subjects where the author displays his prowess not just as a poet’s feeling but also as a story writer and last but not the least a social reformist thereby conveying a flare for all types of authorship catering to a larger audience, It now depends on the reader which kind of readership interest them?

  • Discovery of Bharat Through Hindustan and British India by: Tribhuwan Nath Singh 482.00

    The book is a synthesis of the ancient Bharatiya texts, with the latest scientific findings for their authenticity, historicity, and relevance to the modern perspective. The ancient Bharatiya texts were burnt by external invaders, and the retrieved texts were misinterpreted as mythological gossips in the English versions. Bharat was said to be in the “Dark Age” before the entry of the Britishers. The book in 14 chapters clarifies the misgivings and proves the Bharatiya civilization over 20,000 years old on the basis of modern research references, and the latest archaeological findings. Computer simulation of celestial configuration proves Ramayan 7000years old historical account of Ram and Mahabharat over 5000 years old historical event. In the background of largescale bloodshed and global warming despite all efforts of the UNO, a need for Spiritual Weapon – Truth and Nonviolence promoted by Mahatma Gandhi as Satyagrah has been projected to save humanity from the zooming Dooms. Day in “ Discovery of Bharat through Hindustan and British India”.

  • Do Lafzon ki kahani by: S. Khushi 165.00

    This book of mine, Do Lafzon Ki Kahani, is a collection of some stories, this story is my own woven. someone’s life It has nothing to do with But still, I have tried my best that when you guys read this, it should tickle you. Love stories have been ruling every heart for centuries, no one can live without smiling even if they want. While reading these stories, sometimes it brings laughter to the face, sometimes the heart starts beating loudly. Because these stories take us to the world of dreams. It has been my best effort that I can make these stories alive in my heart and take them to the hearts of you people. Now to what extent my efforts have been successful, only you people can tell.

  • Indira darshan- The poetic bio by: Chandra gopal dwivedi 185.00

    The Indira-Darshan is focused on the political philosophy of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. It aims to the following leading points:

    • The short memory of ancient India’s splendour and political system.
    • comments on the tendency towards strengthening the fraudulent system of governance and economy in India.
    • The evocation of youths for setting up an authentic democracy in India.


    The fulfillment of the above-mentioned objects can never be more possible from other sources than the glorious political career of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. It is so because in Indian post-independent history she is the only politician who had taken over the mission of ‘removal of poverty as a movement and sacrificed herself for the sake of the country’s unity and integrity.


  • Handbook of Practical Physical Pharmaceutics for B.Pharm Students by: Jasmine Kaur Randhawa 250.00

    This book preparation is an effort made to cover the practicals of physical pharmaceutics to be performed during the B.Pharm curriculum. The practicals cover topics related to physical properties of liquids like surface tension, viscosity, density, pH, stability of suspensions. Special emphasis is given on the procedure of practicals which will be helpful for the teachers and students with greater ease of understanding the concepts of physical pharmaceutics. It was found that very few such books were available having practical matter as compared to the books having theory matter. So this book will be very helpful to academicians as well as the industry in understanding the concepts of physical pharmaceutics.

  • Stop The Pandemic of People Pleasing by: Ceema Picardo 200.00

    This book is written for scores of people who battle with “people-pleasing” behavior.  Their tendency to be “nice” and do favors for people is not well received- as a result, they are always taken for granted and shown zero appreciation.  Therefore, this book effectively guides you to break free from the stronghold of this type of behavior by helping you discern how susceptible you are to it, and offers very practical tips to avoid and confront people who take you for granted.  This book with its introspective and engaging style will help you break the stronghold of people pleasing-ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

  • Life – Unedited by: Aditi Pandey 249.00

    The book “LIFE-unedited” is a collection of short stories created by the author to glorify the “unsung heroes” and the innumerable “small but priceless moments”, missed. There are such moments that build us up as fine human beings. The myriads of characters in the stories depict life and vibrancy. The author beautifully fuses characters with different faiths and views together to convey with certitude that the indomitable humans always outshine the weaker and hollow ones. Talking about the materialistic approach and the extinction of morals the stories also address a few problems of the youngsters and people of the older generations. With highbrow insights, the book makes for delightful reading to arm the readers to fight the blues of life.

  • JIBONMUKHI by: Dr. Ashim Kumar Naskar 230.00

    I wrote my book JIBONMUKHI in Bengali which is my mother tongue. It is a Bengali poetry book. The book is a collection of poems. The poems are mainly on the lives of human being, their different life events, sorrow, happiness, etc. The name JIBONMUKHI is appropriate because the poetries are life-oriented of human beings. I am proud of this book.

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