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  • Exhilarating India – Handbook to Travel Lovers by: Meena Krishnaswamy 200.00

    “Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell.”
    This First Volume of Travel Literature presents the valuable information on various destination to inspire
    the travel lovers, Educationalists and teacher community to transform boredom to Happiness.
    The information on this book is absolutely from the Author’s Travel experience and she tried her maximum
    to provide authentic information.

  • CLOCK TOWERS OF INDIA by: Dr.Yatindra Pal Singh 1,600.00

    Clock towers, commonly known as ‘Ghantaghar’, are very popular structures available in many
    cities of India. Apart from telling the time, they tell the history of the place. They are
    architectural master pieces, built in different styles of architecture depending upon who
    constructed them. Unfortunately, not much information about these clock towers is available and
    they have not been chronicled. Even the public is not aware about the existence of clock towers
    in their city. Therefore, it’s no surprise that these clock towers are standing uncared for, many in
    dilapidated state. There is urgent need to preserve these heritage structures and initiate steps to
    renovate and bring them to their old glory.
    The author has included 99 clock towers, existing in 57 cities spread over 15 States and 3 Union
    Territories of India, in this book. The book introduces the cities, mentioning interesting facts
    about their history and traces the details of construction of the clock towers. The author has also
    outlined a plan of action for making the maintenance of clock towers self sustaining. The book is
    of interest to the tourists, students of history, architecture and engineering and the municipalities
    of various cities having clock towers.

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