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    Gopi Raman Singh

ISBN: 9789354729836

Radhakrishn Kathamrit

by: Gopi Raman Singh


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ISBN: 9789354729836
SKU: 7903
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2022
Page Count: 498

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Gopi Raman Singh, a Mechanical Engineer and FIE (Fellow, the Institution of Engineers), a technocrat and academician served SAIL (Steel Authority of India Ltd, Bokaro Steel Plant) for 37 Years and super - annuted in the year 2006. For peaceful, happier, spiritual individuals living with social Fabric and with an intention to such social services, he has taken to simplify and illuminate the innovative religious path shown in our ancient scriptures. In this series, his first book “SaralSugamay Gita” has already been published. And the second book “RadhaKrishnKathamrit” is being published. Both books are in Sankrit/Hindi. Multiple desires emanate continuously from human beings but all are not fulfilled and give rise to anxiety, sadness, and pain. Therefore, if a person wants to escape pain; the remedy is the renunciation of desire and one's fruit (at Tl) of action. My first book is named Saral Sugamya Gita. It is a brief exposition (bhashy) of about 300 superb shlokas from 700 shlokas of Bhagwad Gita, a legacy of Universal wisdom; in Sanskrit and Hindi with gist(bhawarth) which are simplified(Saral), very easily understandable(Sugamay) and comprehensive (Bodhgamay) as its name (area Su aften). It is a brief presentation of Lord Krishna's preachings to Arjuna on Kurukchhetra's battlefield

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“Radhakrishn Kathamrit”

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