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    Aparnaraje Ingle

ISBN: 9789353472177
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by: Aparnaraje Ingle


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    Sakhi, a village belle and a gardener’s daughter, is born and brought up at a rich zamindar’s estate. Thrust into widowhood at a young age, she steps up and fights her own battles, desperately carving her own path in the world. Rama on the other hand, works hard to promote the marriage of widows in society. She’s stuck somewhere between reality and idealism; hypothesis and fantasy! Rama’s brother Jai Singh, a handsome, young graduate from the University of London, comes back to India to visit his family; dreaming of expanding his father’s business abroad. He returns to India, only to experience a bold stroke of fortune that shatters his family…

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ISBN: 9789353472177
SKU: 2359
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 120

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