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ISBN: 978-93-90396-28-3
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The Enemy Unknown- Chapter 7

by: Eli


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    A gruesome murder, a scared witness, a retired police officer brought back to finish an unfinished case and a suspect in custody in less than twelve hours. Bravo! When everyone thinks that the case is closed, little they expect that this is just a beginning. Welcome to the world of Yogi, where the line between good and bad, right and wrong has no meaning. Yogi! He is not a normal person and certainly he is not a Hero by any standards. He is a lone wolf and his methods are crude. He fights the demons with the devil inside him. The best in him comes during the worst situations in life. He is not someone who you wish to be a part of your life. But, if he appears at your doorstep, then know that you are up against something far more dangerous than you can imagine. If you are not the bad guy then don’t worry, you are in safe hands. This book is my dedication to the unsung Heroes, who lurk in shadow, embrace darkness and walk the path of death, so that we can have peaceful nights of sleep.

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ISBN: 978-93-90396-28-3
SKU: 4008
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2020
Page Count: 437

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
I do not come from the writing profession or someone who had undergone any formal training in writing. How I became a writer is purely accidental. Long back, someone told me that I convey things better through my writing. But, I never thought about taking it up to writing Novels. It was last year 2019, I had to take a short break from my work due to personal reasons. With ample time on hand to kill, I thought why not kill some fiction characters in novels. My inquisitive nature to investigate, solve the unknown, find out the hidden, lead to my interest in exploring the murder mysteries and detective thriller in the world of fiction. And that’s how this lazy skeptic after more than eight years tried my first Novel. Now I leave the rest in the hands of my readers.

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“The Enemy Unknown- Chapter 7”

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