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    “The strange thing of murder is that​ even though it may seem unlawful from your point of view, it is, however , clearly justified by the one killing them…..”

    The fifth Confession by: David Alcott 275.00

    “The strange thing of murder is that​ even though it may seem unlawful from your point of view, it is, however , clearly justified by the one killing them…..”

  • Oru Pidi Rahasyangal by: Karthika Mohanan 132.00

    “Oru Pidi Rahasyangal”; is a collection of 21 short stories written in the Malayalam Language, which has a mix of genres. The stories include horror, mystery, fantasy, death, realism, and memoirs. Even though the backdrop or the timeline of the stories have not been specified, the readers can visualize villages in Kerala some 30-40 years back. The plot for each of the 21 stories is different, one can find a haunted bungalow, a dense forest, temple premise, the neighborhood house, jail, etc. in each story. Some stories are in a feminist or a female-oriented point of view as well, which are not deliberately created or included

  • Gulshan Aag Ki Lapton Mein by:  Rashmikant Joshi   290.00
    ” GULSHAN AAG KI LAPTON MEIN ” is a sensational fiction written in Hindi & some English, inspired by some true events that took place in October 1947. It contains proxy war, conspiracy, suspense, thrill, massacre , sacrifice and patriotism by Rashmikant Joshi.
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    A gruesome murder, a scared witness, a retired police officer brought back to finish an unfinished case and a suspect in custody in less than twelve hours. Bravo! When everyone thinks that the case is closed, little they expect that this is just a beginning. Welcome to the world of Yogi, where the line between good and bad, right and wrong has no meaning. Yogi! He is not a normal person and certainly he is not a Hero by any standards. He is a lone wolf and his methods are crude. He fights the demons with the devil inside him. The best in him comes during the worst situations in life. He is not someone who you wish to be a part of your life. But, if he appears at your doorstep, then know that you are up against something far more dangerous than you can imagine. If you are not the bad guy then don’t worry, you are in safe hands. This book is my dedication to the unsung Heroes, who lurk in shadow, embrace darkness and walk the path of death, so that we can have peaceful nights of sleep.

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    Pratham Parakashtha’, antaradvandha mein uddeshya ki khoj ka rahasyodghatan, is a novel that incorporates the circumstances occurring in the life of its leading character, Maghav. There is no lack of luxury in Maghav’s life, but he runs away from it because his quest is big, and he seeks the ultimate peace and ultimate essence. For this he resorts to books, while on the other side is Nivedita, who loves Maghav and wants to take him beyond illusions towards a common life. Maghava seeks to discover the orientation, which, after attainment, moves his life automatically to reap the highest possible achievement. This book is not a destination, but shows a way, analytically.

  • The Conundrum by: Jeshurun Nikhil Chauhan 149.00

    Everything’s hunky-dory at Westwood’s GirlsCollege until the freshmen twins, Rabiya and Saniya, go missing from a class excursion. The parents of the twins receive ransom calls, and sans the ransom, harm would befall the girls. Will Jessany and her gang be able to rescue the twins? Or will this conundrum lead to an unsolicited end…? The Conundrum is a book about young fun-loving. gullible teenagers who go missing, while on an adventure.

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    The book tells the story of a young professor, who had incredible achievements in his short span of career. Suddenly, he left the world of teaching and he never intended to return back. He lives near the bird sanctuary in his cottage and he had one servant named Robin, who lives with him like his family. Two students found his research project, in the library and they began the quest to meet him. With the help of the librarian they met him and as story progress it unfolds the mystery that what would had happened that all of a sudden the professor said goodbye to the teaching world. The book answers whether the professor will make a return or not?

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    Raj fails to discover as to how all his thoughts are getting hacked and how on earth can he sense unforeseen criminal incidents whenever he is with his beloved Suhana. He decides to commit suicide. But that night something unbelievable happens. He solves the mystery, but loses his unique power. He learns something that night that leads him to be a successful scientist and inventor and at the same time, a famous author. His book ends up being filmed and wins an Oscar. To know Raj’s story from a common man to a billionaire and the mystery read this potboiler in Hindi. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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