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    “this is a story of a man who reaches on a mysterious planet with his hi-tech survival machine by a space accident. He is alone and has lost his memory, even he don’t know his name. The days passes, and his survival machine get destroyed and he meets a girl who has discovered survival techniques on this planet.

    After reaching back to earth in the era 2850 something AD. He finds there are no trees , no religions, no history , no millions of people, no oxygen in environment over earth. He lives with his family and has a love story here on earth.

    You can start reading ‘pink point’ novel by its earth section first.

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    Raj fails to discover as to how all his thoughts are getting hacked and how on earth can he sense unforeseen criminal incidents whenever he is with his beloved Suhana. He decides to commit suicide. But that night something unbelievable happens. He solves the mystery, but loses his unique power. He learns something that night that leads him to be a successful scientist and inventor and at the same time, a famous author. His book ends up being filmed and wins an Oscar. To know Raj’s story from a common man to a billionaire and the mystery read this potboiler in Hindi. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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