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    Shri Arvind Janardan Sathe

ISBN: 9789353472290
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Hymns of Rama

by: Shri Arvind Janardan Sathe


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About This Book

    Hymns of Rama presents before us the entire life history of Lord Ram in a beautiful and poetic format. The book makes it easy to imbibe, the lyrical journey of Shri Ram. Hindu mythology has evolved over a period of a few thousand years; largely in the form of treatises based on the lives of the reincarnations of various astral gods. Of the many treatises on Ram, Tulsidas’ Ramayan is one of the most prevalent and commonly referred ones. This book attempts to loosely translate the very famous Geet Ramayan written by Shri Madugulkar in Marathi. Shri Ram is the embodiment of righteousness of behaviour. Being the seventh reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, his life enfolds situations which lead him to be the destroyer of the demon Ravana. In essence, it’s a victory of good over evil. In the absence of role models, it is obvious that the society regresses and eventually reaches a point of no return. Hence, it is important to remember our path and value our heroes. Shri Ram’s life is a rich tapestry of sorrows and joys; of duties and responsibilities. In today’s highly mechanised world; with relationships at stake for very superficial reasons, Shri Ram’s life stands out as a guiding star. Lessons from these verses are very relevant even today. It is said that each one of us has a Ram and a Ravan within us. It is for us to nurture the positive thought and live in peace and harmony. Hymns of Rama is a gift for all those who wish to enjoy the saga of Ramayan.

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ISBN: 9789353472290
SKU: 1738
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 142

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“Hymns of Rama”

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