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    In this era of reduced attention span, there is a need to adopt a methodology to increase our ability to focus on a single issue and concentrate without yielding to distractions. The constant barrage of attention-seeking, sensational media offerings has created havoc with our analytical abilities and comprehensions. The distractions are too many to handle in any given time frame. We have outsourced our memory to Google and calculations to an electronic calculator. Surrounded by screens of varying sizes throughout the waking time of our day, we have almost lost our ability to imagine vividly, experience inner peace, and share unconditional love.
    Since we are used to a smaller attention span, this book has adopted a novel methodology to share deep knowledge. It is called nano insight. Each insight is explained on a single page and can penetrate deep inside when internalised. These insights cover a vast canvass of the mind, meditation, and spirituality. Collectively improving these three areas will result in a mega transformation in our ability to focus and discard the distractions to attention.

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ISBN: 9789389763225
SKU: 3519
Publisher: BlueRose Publishers
Publish Date: 2019
Page Count: 182

Meet the Author
Blue rose author
Rohit Kumar Bhardwaj is the author of the bestselling commentary on Kathopnishad, "Three Questions of Nachiketa." He is a renowned Vedantic scholar who has a very deep insight into the working of the human mind, both at the individual and collective levels. He has distilled his experience of forty years into insights on the working of the mind. Through meditation and spirituality, he is helping people gain control of themselves and break the clutches of screen slavery.

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