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  • ‘Bits and Bytes – The Digital Stranglehold’ by: Sanjar Ali khan 208.00

    The Book deals with digital technology. It explains how the digits ‘0’ and ‘1’ have permeated into all walks of our lives and the importance of information. Discussed are the different methods of communication through the ages. Manual and sound signals Analogue and digital signals. Numbering systems. Natural numbers, whole numbers, rational numbers, irrational numbers. Binary systems, ASCII, the Hexadecimal system.

    Boolean logic and logic gates. Combinational logic, and digital electronic elements.

    Development of Transistors. The first digital computer – ENIAC. Digital electronic functional circuits and different forms of memory systems.

    The evolution of ICs, microprocessors and microcontrollers digital timers. Memories: mechanical, magnetic, electronic – RAM, ROM, pen drives.

    The Analogue world versus the Digital world. Hardware and software. The nature of software languages.

    Artificial Intelligence, natural intelligence, the human brain. The computer brain and various types of robots.

    The Internet, the cell phone, the GPS, Internet of Things, diagnostic systems and drones.

    The different digital systems are mentioned and the question of what happens if digital technology closes down.

    Finally the present situation is highlighted – how we are being strangled by only two digits – 0s and 1s.

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