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  • The Ancient Science of Vastu III The Rajvallabh Retold by: Dr. Jayshree om Siddharth Borad 295.00

    Raj Vallabh was originally penned down by architect Mandan in the 15th century CE. He was the chief architect of the Mewar region and is famous for building the Fort Kumbhalgarh, which has the second longest-running wall of 37kms. This fort is known for its structure and is called “The Impregnable fort” as it was never concurred by any of the invaders. This scripture was compiled by using various ancient scriptures and thus is one the most authentic source for Vastu principles. It covers various topics like home Vastu, temple Vastu, astrology, omens, water bodies, plantations, Vastu defects, etc. Spread across 14 chapters and 456 verses, the mysteries of Vastu secret and principles continue to be unveiled. The form and systematic flow of the verses make it easy to understand and implementable.

  • Gulshan Aag Ki Lapton Mein by:  Rashmikant Joshi   290.00
    ” GULSHAN AAG KI LAPTON MEIN ” is a sensational fiction written in Hindi & some English, inspired by some true events that took place in October 1947. It contains proxy war, conspiracy, suspense, thrill, massacre , sacrifice and patriotism by Rashmikant Joshi.
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