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  • First and Half Darling by: Prithvi Raj Singh 162.00

    This is story of a young Doctor named Dr.Raj who is living with his family in Jaipur city. In Corona pandemic soon he felt some flu like illness, and on advise of a senior he admitted in a hospital where he tested for corona and quarantined.

    In corona ward he felt loneliness and during this period some colleagues phoned him and re- membered good days of M.B.B.S and hostel life. He also felt that there was much more in these days which have forgotten due to his busy professional life. He remembered ragging days, college festival days and his love life. In those days he was in love with a beautiful school girl Neelu. And in same time an other college girl Ragini also loved him. College girl was very caring for him but he couldn’t decide his fate. Some ups and downs came in his life and due to destiny he lost both. After some time once destiny knocked his gate to select his first love but this was too late. Then what happened next? Now after 14 years he realized that his first and half love must be memorable. Then how he full-fill his memories of love.

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    Love heals but love also hurts. And to some of us, it hurts more than anyone can assume. Natasha Singh, a modern desi girl appears to have it all in her life from outside, but on the inside she keeps missing her ex Akul whom she had truly loved during their MBA days and ever since their break-up she has been vulnerable to the idea of falling in love again and then… Akshay enters her life. Akshay is not just any guy but Akul’s twin brother. Natasha totally wants to avoid him because she is constantly skeptical that Akul will think wrong when he comes to know that his ex is bonding with his twin brother. But destiny wants them to meet and eventually, Akshay and Natasha are drawn to each other. But what is love without challenges? Natasha gets shattered when she comes to know that Akshay has also hidden something big from her. She feels devastated after two break-ups therefore her best friend Mansi takes her on a trip to Mcleodganj to meet Nikhil, a new age agony uncle. What happens when Natasha meets Nikhil? Is she able to find an aid to her aching heart? Does Akshay return in her life? How does Akul react when he comes to know that his ex-girlfriend is in love with his twin brother? A Bit of Both is a new age love tale with a very gripping plot and interesting twists till the end. It is an ideal read for those who are always up for a light-hearted fiction.

    A bit of both by: Richa Telang 199.00
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    “To love and be loved was my only desire. I could see my emotions burning like a fire. Wrapped under my own skin, I desired to embrace someone within. But it seems, the thought was a sin.”


    “Time marched and along with the time my anxiety aggravated. I glanced the clock and the door, time stretched some more. Till the candles fluttered their last breath, the room turned dark as they were put to death.”


    “It was not about money. It was about myself. It was not about money. It was about my identity. It was not about money. It was about my pride.”


    Join the trio, Three Young Women: Geetika, Sampoorna and Smriti, on their journey of life.

    A story that talks about the physical and emotional needs of a woman.

    A story that talks about the struggle of being a good wife.

    A story that talks about the high ambitions and work-life balance of a woman.

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    Sometimes life brings you at a crossroad, where you have no choice but to live every day as if it was your last one. Naina was at such a crossroad! An orphan, she did not have much to look forward to in life, until she fell in love. Love gave her wings and she started to fly, only to come crashing down as the wind beneath her wings turned into a storm. She tries putting an end to her now wretched existence, but fate has some other plans for her. She comes to know that she has limited time to live and decides to start living everyday instead of merely surviving. She lives every moment without worrying about the future she does not have or the past that could not be undone. She falls in love once again, this time with life! Will fate respect her fortitude?

    From Ashes To Dreams by: RASHMI TRIVEDI 150.00 100.00
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