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    This, Grade Initial and 1, book helps you learn how to sight read guitar music from scratch. Besides systematically arranged lessons, on elements of guitar sight reading, by an experienced teacher, this book gives you 150+ self assessment assignments and exercises. It is designed to help you take the sight reading section of your practical exams, which in turn, indirectly helps you improve the interpretation of your performance pieces. Depending on how well you practice, this book can help you improve your score in the practical exams held worldwide. Even if you are not taking the exam and only want to learn how to sight read, then this book is for you.

    Learn about Stave / Staff, Clef, Note Names (UK/US), Note Symbols & Values, Rest Symbols & Values, Dynamics, Time Signatures, Counting Beats in a Time Signature, Tempo, Dynamics and Key Signature, Articulation and Accidental Symbols, Repeats, Double Bar Line, Fermata.

    Practice using the note recognition exercises, self assessments and sight reading exercises.

    This book is suitable for Self Learners, Students and Teachers.
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