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  • Lord Ganesha The Business Tycoon by: JAGENDRA RANA 285.00

    As per Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is a source of wisdom and prudence. Lord Ganesha is believed to be the lord of success who blesses people with their desired objectives. He is widely revered as the remover of obstacles. Ganesha is worshipped first among all the deities. He is a distinguished leader. His razor-sharp memory and witty nature reveals the secret of success and ignite our mind with problem-solving acumen to excel in our professional and family life.

  • Dimensions of Development by: Sourav Banerjee 150.00

    History has seen plenty of books, articles and theses dealing with factors affecting the developmental process of an economy. They can be type of Governance, Population, Per-Capita Income, GDP, Welfare and what not. But this book is based on my personal research and publications in either UGC or Scopus indexed journals that deal with only the most fundamental and primitive dimensions of development from which all other dimensions emerge. The dimensions discussed in this book have started influencing socio-economic development since formal civilization started. And all this is explicitly proved in each chapter. Hence, the book is bound to be a special attraction.

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    Project managers are the thinker by nature and leader by act


    Project managers are the thinker by nature and leader by act

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    Retail apocalypse or Retail renaissance Let’s first of all understand that retail is not dying but bad retail is certainly dying. Brands which refuse to adapt themselves to changing consumer’s buying behavior would vanish. The book cover real life case studies and examples to explain the retail concepts for the young retail managers and retail start-up owners, retail preneurs & senior leaderships in an easy to understand style. The book is a must read for management undergraduates, retail front liners and mid managers who strive for self-learning and self-growth and development. The aim of the book is to de-mystify the complexities of existing retail and simplify it as it was earlier meant to be in the first place. Hence the title SIMPLIFYING RETAIL. Wishing all the readers a success in their retail journey
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    The most valuable property that human being has ever possessed is the product of his/her intellect. For every innovation and its commercial application, protecting it is an inevitable task, but people often fail to protect what is their own due to lack of IPR knowledge. Ideology of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is a book that explains the fundamentals of IPR in a lucid manner covering the concept of IPR followed by the history, enforcement, infringements and protection of IPR in India. If you are a student of any stream, a technical or business professional, a researcher, scientist, or a teaching faculty in any field of commerce, science, technology, sports, art or literature, this book is an invaluable resource for you to understand,
    create and protect your most valuable intellectual property.

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    After reading the book, you will understand ten unique ways of global economic recovery, besides India, China and America trinity based global economic Recovery solutions.Subsequently,G20 economic issues across each country are mentioned. Following the same, G20 based solutions to the same are further analysed. There is discussion on RBI Reserves post demonetisation. What are the monetary policy surprises are gauged. Eventually, Risk Management Solution strategies of the Rest- of the world in these trying times are discussed. The next section deals with the future of Indian banking. Then, a micro analysis is done about when to use which Analytics software, and also, Practical behavioural Finance decoded is mentioned. Risk Management is discussed across Sectors which helps to understand Economic Linkages easily. Micro analysis is done for e.g. inflation decoded, why does currencies appreciate or depreciate. Projected data for 2021 is included on several macro variables, and the trend analysis on the same, is included in the book. Indian Government strategies in Currency Management when there is depreciation of the Indian Currency are
    discussed. Finally, Real Estate Sector Risk Management is included further. Aim is to have a holistic Global Economic Review, giving India the forefront in strategies, besides Global viewpoint in some Sectors effective Risk Management.

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    This book is on Recruitment Process, to make it interesting by using recruitment tools for selection process as a whole for small and big companies. The recruitment tools I have suggested here are very simple and can easily be customized and developed to suit the requirement of any company needs. Examples shared are of varied departments at basic level, but the process can be used for recruiting any level of staff. Here I have tried to incorporate tools which can be used for ground levels, fresher as well as middle management levels. If one wants to assess any specific skill of a specific level, all one needs to do is change the level of vocabulary or terms used and you will be surprised at the answers you receive from the person being interviewed. Psychometric tests have been mentioned too for Senior levels. You will get an idea of all kinds of assessments that one should be aware of and can explore while recruiting.

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    “Revenue for any company comes from sales, and sales come from customers or clients; adding new clients or customers to the business is one of the best ways to increase revenue. There is no business worldwide that can sustain without clients or customers. In this book, the reader will learn different techniques and methods that are used in the business world to find target clients, customers, and attract them. From this book, the reader will take away at least 4-5 techniques that are best and more relevant for their business or profession.

    This book will give answers to many questions like:

    Is your business missing any crucial input which is not letting your business grow?
    Are you close enough to your customers?
    Is your team running behind the wrong prospect?
    Who is your real customer for your business?
    Are you contacting the customer at the wrong time?
    Are you wasting hard-earned money on useless mediums?
    Which is an ideal and profitable customer acquiring technique for your type of business?”

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    This book throws light on the importance of money. It further gives the detailed insight on how to manage expense, saving, loss, profit and many other things related to money. This book will be of great help to all those who are either searching for a job or anyone who faces difficulty managing their cash inflow and outflow.

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