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    I don’t know from where to start. My life was a hell of a ride. I had been through a lot of ups and downs, from anxiety to panic attacks, and my mistake was that I fell in love with all my heart.

    Aarav and Shreya meet in college and fall in love. Shreya loves Aarav a lot although her best friend Meera wants her to break up with him. Meera sees Aarav as a practical guy who will surely break Shreya’s heart. But for Shreya, Aarav is a perfect boyfriend with whom she wants to live forever.

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    The story of a girl who ran away from everything just to find Everything

    AMAIRA by: Priyanka Pareek 323.00
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    Zune returns to Rongarh after two decades; his native kingdom where the people once didn’t have to wait for peace and happiness to come, knock at their doors as they were already surrounded by it. He doesn’t remember anything about the place, nor about his family; just apart from uncle Raipratap. He finally meets his mother Joya, about whom he had an impression that she betrayed his father and everyone in the kingdom and ran away. Aunt Avoru reveals the untold to him and tells him the awful truth which caused her to leave the kingdom, and the fact that she isn’t even a human, which makes him(Rudra) a half human that even he wasn’t aware of; and when he comes to know about his sister Kanaka, he can’t hold his patience any longer to meet them. They both are inhabitants of their own hidden kingdom which exists within the boundary of Rongarh. After Zune’s(Rudrapratap) arrival, both the inhabitants of the two kingdoms become friendly and live happily, until they’re threatened by the northern conqueror Sohuang, who demands a sacrifice of Rudra’s mother’s kind for his own reason. That finally brings the war, to save both the kingdoms from getting doomed by the outlandish barbarians, and to save their existence

    Rongarh by: Tanuj Handique 249.00
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    This is the story of Richard and David who work together to save Matt from the clutches of the Cibus, an organization determined to harm Matt. To do so, they find a rare and priceless artifact called the time crown to rescue evidence that might help in saving Matt! To get this artifact they destroy a black hole, star and pulsar! Keep reading to know more!

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    “ DIL KI DASTAK” is a poetic collection of Songs, Poems and Ghazals. Written in Hindi. Some URDU words have extensively been used to catch the feelings of the poem in more expressive ways. The emotions of Love and agony of separation, find expressions in his poetry, viz. “ Paigham-e-Ulfat” and “Pyar ki chahat”. The philosophy of life gets reflected in his poems such as “ Raakh hoon mein” and “ Phool ki Vayathaa”. Some Ghazals, such as “Pyar Ki Bahaar”and “ Pyar Beshumar” add literary color to the collection. “ Galwaan Ghaati ke Paramveer” depicts patriotism and sacrifice of our brave soldiers.The author hopes that the readers would like his work. The readers’ feedback is solicited.
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    A short fantasy-adventure story set in a parallel world about two ‘professional’ hunters who are on their way to accept a contract but destiny has other plans for them. Their lives are about to change forever and the world they know will never be the same again.

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