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  • Garden Tales:Secret of the Saber Tooth Hill by: Colonel Pradeep Goswami 249.00

    The storybook “Garden Tales: Secret of the Saber Tooth Hill” is the story of Puffy, a pet dog and his
    adventures. The book is a sequel to the author’s previous
    book “Garden Tales: Revenge of the Intruder”
    available on all online publication portals including
    Amazon. The book is skillfully stitched to relate to the
    characters without disconnect to readers. The Colonel,
    brilliantly highlights the message to conserve and
    preserve forests to save endangered wild animals, which
    is a necessity today.
    The book deserves to find a place in the personal
    collection of young children of age group eight to fourteen
    years and also at school libraries. An engrossing read, it
    is strongly recommend as a “must read” for children.
    Happy Reading to all….

  • The Bear And The Orca by: Ruchir Mehta 225.00
    This is a story about a mother polar bear and her cubs in the Arctic. It is about their struggle to find food (seals) due to breaking up of icebergs and their encounter with a pod of orcas. The author, by this book, hopes to subconsciously sensitize children to the sorry plight of the polar bears in the Arctic and to the phenomenon of climate change in general.
  • Inspire the artist in your child by: Dipti Pandit 250.00

    This art book is for pre-primary scholars where they find interesting hand made content for trace drawings. As we know, drawing is the first hand writing of young kids. These dot drawings will build their artistic approach, memory, imagination and concentration and will also improve their fine motor skills. This book will encourage young kids to develop an interest in art as well as it prepare them for the formal hand writing for future.

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