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  • A Game Beyond The Timepiece by: Aaradhya Sharma 149.00

    A great threat arises in the city of Mahtog. If not stopped today the robots will take over the whole world. Yes, robots! Robots are overcoming humanity. They are everywhere. Brank’s team has to stop them before they wreak any more havoc. Humans took Artificial Intelligence to its next-generation and now only humans can destroy it. The future, which till now had seemed bleak to humans due to the rise of AI, is now upon them.

  • Nephilim by: Lionel Fernandes 399.00

    What had been created in seven days… was also destroyed in seven. In the year 2050 A.D., the world has ended with the coming of the Apocalypse. In addition to wars, famine, disease, and natural disasters, Earth has become the battlefield for the forces of the Heaven and Hell dimensions. The forces of Heaven emerged victoriously and Lucifer and his evil minions have been sealed away in Hell for all eternity. Rebelling against God’s harsh judgment to abandon the frail and defenseless Humans, Angels choose to stay behind and help humanity rebuild. They build a haven called Ark City where Humans, Angels, and reformed Demons live in harmony under the leadership of a few Archangels called the ‘Guardians of the Ark’. Two hundred and fifty years after its founding, Ark City is threatened by unknown forces that are hell-bent on its destruction and it’s up to a squad of brave heroes to put an end to the machinations of those who scheme in the shadows.

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