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    I have written this work in very simple words keeping in mind that everyone deserves better health – fit body and peaceful mind. When you say something with love and care it reaches to the heart directly. I wish everyone of us remains healthy and fit till our last with less and less diseases in our body .Our overall fitness is very important for the society and nation that’s why FIT INDIA HIT INDIA is in your hands. Very important point — you are not going to fit by merely reading this book till you make good Eating habits and Healthy lifestyle a part of your life. If you of you decide to change your life after reading this book I will be glad that my efforts were worthwhile.

  • Beauty delight – live a model life by: Karnika 369.00

    Here comes a menu of evergreen dish of beauty delight. Follow this tips regularly for extreme result. Here you find your solutions n way to lead a model life and the tips which are here in this book are natural remedies. In this book the content have female characters but they are for both male and female. Leading a model life is hard untill, unless you have strong commitment and mind set as every day counts. YOU WILL START TO SEE THE RESULTS IN FEW DAYS . This book totally helps you out to have a flawless skin . Beauty plays a main role in every one’s life. With this book you can prefer your makeup stuff less as this contain many thinks which you have no idea about . In this book you find to improve and avoid things and also to be aware of

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