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    The book of Indian patriotism. Since 1961, the Non-alignment movement has tried to make the period of the current NAM useful for future generation. The Non-aligned movement has played a significant role in the world and has contributed significantly in world peace. In this book, the policy of NAM, historical method, geographical effect of India, history and tradition of India, foreign policy of India, Indo-pak relation, regional cooperation consciousness in South Asia has explained and conceptualized. Also the book reflects the relevance of NAM in the current content.
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    In philosophy, political science & as well as in economics Karl Marx & Fredrick Engels’s theory of ‘Das Kapital’ & ‘Dicatorship of the Proletariat’ is often idolized as the most perfect rationalist materialism & true social equality. But in truth actually it’s far from rational materialism & social equality. In fact it’s a utopian concept that is absolutely illogical, impractical, based on complete subversion through force & a complete hypocrisy. In my book ‘COMMUNISM A LOGICAL CONCEPT OR HYPOCRISY’ I shall logically project all their so called claim of a society devoid of inequality & dialectic materialism is blatant lie & simply a blissful lie dream.

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    ‘Yuvarth’ is the book written by an young writer Nitin mohan dehariya who is just 21 years old working as a abvp’s student activist from 6 years and this book is totally according to his experience of this whole 6 years , in this book he had explained the whole scenario of youth era in india , the power , caliber , ability and capability of indian youth which indians have from hundreds of years , but today’s youth are totally unaware about this pride , and that is the main content of book “yuvarth” totally all about the trye meaning of nationalism and patriotism that only rhythming bharat mata ki jay is not a nationalism , it’s about living for the country and working for the society to empower the nation and the democracy , also this book contains the meaning of true healthy politics which is the blood flow of the democracy and it as a duty of every single youth of india ..

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