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  • The Search for Value in Supply Chains by: Procyon Mukherjee 799.00

    The book, “The Search for Value in Supply Chains”, is about the journey of the author (Procyon Mukherjee) over 34 years in the field of supply chains that spanned continents and covers several aspects of global supply chains and the puzzles around them. On one hand, it is about his experiences, it is also about the experiences of many others in the Universities of learning from Operations Planning, Manufacturing, Logistics, Procurement and Finance; these universities are actually the workplaces where the puzzles in the supply chain get created day in and day out and get solved as well. The book unravels some of the complexities that entail supply chain dynamics, which could be in planning, procurement, or logistics. The examples in his book are taken from global supply chains as much as from local set-ups. The book captures very unique puzzles, including the ones created during the Covid-19 pandemic, the disruptions that come once during a lifetime. The object of the book is to reach supply chain practitioners and leaders and facilitate their journey, which is becoming complex by the day. Topics covered a span from Strategic dimensions, planning puzzles, organizational Enforcements, Core logistics to the Procurement Principles, Data integration, and Sustainability. Numerous case studies capturing the essence of problem-solving in diverse supply chains are part of the book. The purpose of the book is to evince interest in raising more questions and inquiries into the vast field of supply chain management and in the process sharpen the understanding of the subject.

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    This book is on Recruitment Process, to make it interesting by using recruitment tools for selection process as a whole for small and big companies. The recruitment tools I have suggested here are very simple and can easily be customized and developed to suit the requirement of any company needs. Examples shared are of varied departments at basic level, but the process can be used for recruiting any level of staff. Here I have tried to incorporate tools which can be used for ground levels, fresher as well as middle management levels. If one wants to assess any specific skill of a specific level, all one needs to do is change the level of vocabulary or terms used and you will be surprised at the answers you receive from the person being interviewed. Psychometric tests have been mentioned too for Senior levels. You will get an idea of all kinds of assessments that one should be aware of and can explore while recruiting.

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    Leadership, is a topic that’s never convincingly satisfiable after reading just one book. Hence I have tried to collate as much as possible the best in my opinion here. This book can be used in two ways—One as just a good self read to understand Leadership as a whole. Second as a medium to train others providing great resource to trainers and educators for developing good leaders all over the world. Please feel free to use the matter from here and enhance it further as per your training needs. This might be just a drop in the ocean effort from my end but as Mother Teresa would put it—’Each drop gathered forms an ocean’…I have started for you to continue…Hope this drop in the ocean adds value to your life and training sessions…Good leaders build good nations and good nations would lead to building a peaceful world.

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